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Azed/2031- plain embroidery

Posted by ilancaron on 7th May 2011

A rather incomplete effort since I’m travelling sans Chambers and only have an hour in between flights.  So… most of the bottom-right is undone and there are several wordplays left behind. All fixed now thanks to Wil and Chris! And I have been happily reunited with my Chambers (albeit 2003).

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Guardian Prize 25,310 / Crucible

Posted by Eileen on 7th May 2011


When I opened my paper and saw the name of one of my favourite setters on the puzzle, my heart leapt – only to plummet a few minutes later, before I had even looked at it, when the sports news on the radio reminded me of the goings-on at the other Crucible and I remembered the previous two themed prize puzzles [24,999 and 24,379] by this setter at exactly this time of year!

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Independent 7656 by Phi (Saturday Prize Puzzle 30 April 2011)

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 7th May 2011


Bit of a quick last-minute post, so apologies for any typos or missed nuances. My first Phi blog, and I was a bit wary as I have enjoyed solving/attempting many difficult Independent cryptics and Inquisitors by Phi over the years.

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Enigmatic Variations No.964 – Complement by Shark

Posted by Mister Sting on 7th May 2011

Mister Sting.

I found this rather tougher than some of the recent offerings and even thought for some time that I might be forced to throw in the towel. In fact, there were two clues that I’d been unable to parse until after writing this rest of this entry. Probably indicative of the general mental slowness I’ve been suffering of late.

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