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Independent 7656 by Phi (Saturday Prize Puzzle 30 April 2011)

Posted by mc_rapper67 on May 7th, 2011


Bit of a quick last-minute post, so apologies for any typos or missed nuances. My first Phi blog, and I was a bit wary as I have enjoyed solving/attempting many difficult Independent cryptics and Inquisitors by Phi over the years.

In the end, it all seemed fairly straight-forward – good solid clueing and some nice misdirections/surface readings, but (IMHO) nothing beyond a mid-week Indy or Grauniad cryptic, rather than a fiendish Saturday prize puzzle – and I had done all except 1D in about 15 minutes…

1D – what can I say – not in my well-thumbed and broken-spined 1988 Chambers (8th edition?, paper and electronic), or in my 2006 Chambers (10th edition, paper and electronic) – or my Collins (not sure what years, but paper and electronic)… Perhaps it is in a newer version – 11 or 12? – of Chambers, and setters are on a (com)mission to include a few new words only in the latest edition, to encourage us to invest our hard earned pictures of the Queen? (Note to Editor: why not offer the latest Chambers – paper or electronic – as the prize for this puzzle?…)

Anyway, after much head scratching and pattern matching, I eventually twigged that the ‘prize’ was a ‘palm’ and found ‘face-palm‘ in Wikipedia – at which point I performed said action to my own forehead…DOH!.

Clue No Solution Clue Definition (with occasional embellishments) /
1A FACT Truth drug not in view (4) Truth /
FACeT (aspect, or view) without E (drug, Ecstasy)
3A PANCREAS Film across most of wrinkle in internal organ (8) Internal organ /
PAN (as in camera, panning across a scene) + CREAS (most of wrinkle, or crease)
10A CALGARY STAMPEDE Showed annoyance in kinky lacy gear in Canadian show (7, 8 ) Canadian show (annual rodeo in Calgary, Alberta) /
anag (i.e. kinky) of LACY GEAR, containing STAMPED (showed annoyance)
11A PROMOTION New job advert (9) Double defn /
PROMOTION = an advertisement, or attaining a new job
12A URGE Strongly suggest, say, sport should be overhauled (4) Strongly suggest /
URGE = EG (say) + RU (sport, Rugby Union), then overhauled
13A LACUNAE Gaps? Left a hint about new one (7) Gaps /
L (left) + A + CUE (hint), around N (new) + A (one)
15A ARIANE Rocket, article into most of constellation (6) Rocket (European Space Agency rocket launch vehicle) /
ARIE (most of Aries) around AN (indefinite article)
17A SUPERB Bird released in US sports event? Excellent (6) Excellent /
SUPERB = Super Bowl (American sports event) without OWL (bird, released)
19A SO THERE Drunk’s arrived? Hard cheese! (2, 5) Hard cheese (interjection, ‘bad luck’) /
SOT (drunk) + HERE (arrived)
20A LIMO Car fuel needing money invested, on reflection (4) Car /
LIMO = OIL (fuel) around M (money), then reflected
21A BAR MAGNET Source of attraction in part of London probed by publication (3, 6) Source of attraction /
BARNET (London district) containing MAG (magazine, or publication)
24A PROXIMA CENTAURI Star represented in American tour pix (7, 8 ) Star (low magnitude red dwarf in Centaurus constellation) /
anag (i.e. represented in) of AMERICAN TOUR PIX
25A DAMPENER Mother to look round rear of cistern for wet blanket (8) Wet blanket /
DAM (mother), plus PEER (look) around N (last letter, or rear, of cistern)
26A LUNG Part of body, note, located within ear (4) Part of body /
LUG (ear) containing N (note)
Clue No Solution Clue Definition (with occasional embellishments) /
1D FACEPALM Reputation supported by award? One shows disbelief (8) One shows disbelief (act of slapping one’s hand to the forehead on realisation of something obvious but not spotted) /
FACE (reputation) + PALM (prize, as in Palm d’Or at Cannes Film Festival, or just a palm leaf as a token of victory)
2D CELLO Location of fifteenth inmate’s instrument (5) Instrument /
&lit? If first prisoner was in Cell A, second in Cell B etc, then fifteenth would be in Cell O
4D ANTENNA A new sport is ignored by a broadcaster (7) Broadcaster /
A + N (new) + TENN (tennis, sport, with ‘is’ ignored) + A
5D COMMUNIST PARTY Political group, prats possibly, sheltered by body of people (9, 5) Political group /
anag (i.e. possibly) of PRATS in COMMUNITY (body of people)
6D EMERGENCE Dirt beginning to collect, interrupting English lake’s appearance (9) Appearance /
GEN (info, or dirt) + C (first letter of collect) in E (English) + MERE (lake)
7D SUET Fat? One’s the ultimate in disgrace in matching clothes (4) Fat /
SUET = SUIT (matching clothes) changing I (one) to E (last letter of disgrace)
8D LA DONNA E MOBILE Duke’s aria laying out bloodline and a new name (2, 5, 1, 6) Duke (of Mantua)’s aria (from Verdi’s Rigoletto) /
anag (i.e. laying out) of BLOODLINE + A + N (new) + NAME
9D BY-LINE No power in barmy story bearing new name at its top? (2-4) &lit?, name across the top of a story/article /
BY (barmy without ‘arm’, or power) + LIE (story) ‘bearing’ N (new)
14D CRUCIFORM Caught Welshman in melée heading off crossways? (9) Crossways (or cross-shaped)/
C (caught) + IFOR (Welshman) in CRUM (scrum, or melée, with first letter off)
16D KETTLING King deciding to face guillotine, restraining unsettled populace (8) (method of) restraining protesters/unsettled populace /
K (king) + ETTLING (settling, or deciding, guillotined, i.e. losing its first letter)
18D BABBAGE Graduate books a long time seeing historic scientist (7) (historic) scientist (Charles Babbage) /
BA (graduate, Bachelor of Arts) + BB (abbrev. for ‘books’) + AGE (a long time)
19D SORBET Dessert’s spherical shape in gel (6) Dessert /
ORB (spherical shape) in SET (gel)
22D NAURU Island shared between Argentina and Uruguay (5) Island (in South Pacific), formerly known as Pleasant Island /
hidden word in ArgentiNA (and) URUguay
23D SPUD Secconds, dessert? Not this food (4) &lit? (as potatoes, spuds, are not usually desserts!) /
S (seconds) + PUD (dessert)

4 Responses to “Independent 7656 by Phi (Saturday Prize Puzzle 30 April 2011)”

  1. Allan_C says:

    Thanks, mc_rapper67, for the blog and phi for the puzzle. Facepalm also took me ages to discover but I eventually got there after recourse to Roget’s Thesaurus which gave me ‘face’ and ‘palm’, then googling led me to Wikipedia. btw this is the reference:
    CALGARY STAMPEDE was my first to go in; ‘Canadian show’ gave it without even unscrambling the anagram. Similarly ‘Duke’s aria’ for LA DONNA E MOBILE.
    Not sure about the equivalence of SO THERE and ‘hard cheese’. I think of the former more as equivalent to ‘Yah, boo, sucks!’ Just a co-incidence but ‘hard cheese’ was an answer in Another Newspaper’s crossword the previous day.

  2. caretman says:

    Thanks, mc_rapper67 for the blog. I think my experience was similar to yours, I found most of it straightforward but then stalled in the upper left and lower right corners, since I also was unfamiliar with KETTLING and it took a while for me to work it out. With you, I had never encountered FACEPALM, which seems quite a useful word now that I know it. I also had to look up 8d, which I had parsed correctly but was in an area of knowledge I’m lacking.

  3. bamberger says:

    Hours of solving yielded only 1a,1d,11a,17a & 18d.
    1a was my first in and 1d was my second in.
    Simply too hard for me.
    15mins to all bar one is Olympic standard!

  4. Allan_C says:

    Don’t give up bamberger. You did as well as some of us if you got 1d, and it took me a while to get 11a. Keep reading the blogs and you’ll find your success rate improving as you see how the clues work. You do need to do a bit of second-guessing sometimes, though, to sort the clue into definition and wordplay etc.

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