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Beelzebub 1106

Posted by Jed on May 8th, 2011


All done except explanation for 5 down … are assi supports?



1   (Print expert getting trophy working with page? Right) TYPOGRAPHER  (TROPHY PAGE R)*

10 (Independent article about one man in Glasgow?)  IAIN  (I + I in AN)

11 (First of enemies to flee, run away?) ESCAPER (E + SCAPE + R)

12\2 (Bonfire insipid? Pull rockets between the teeth, perhaps)   IN LIPSBURIE PINFOLD  (King Lear)

13 (50% of text to occupy phylacteries)  TEFILLIN  (TE[xt] + FILL IN) text from Scripture in boxes carried by Jewish men

14 (Light infantry’s just brave)  LIONLY  (LI + ONLY)

15 (Poet in Kashmir is highly-regarded)  RISHI  (kashmiR IS HIghly)

17 (Bill commented about one revolutionary)  DIASCIA  (I in AC + AID)<

20 (A blur of red amidst that French tree group)  CEDRELA  (RED* in CELA)

22 (Pressed close after leader dropped and slipped)  ERRED  ([s]ERRED)

24 (Muslim’s endless attempts to restrict it)  SHIITE  (IT in SHIE[s])

26 (Religious guides work singly amongst parents)  MAHATMAS  (HAT in MAMAS)  hat is australian for work alone

28/19 (Hot summers, cold winters, nil ice – cattlemen not perturbed)  CONTINENTAL CLIMATE  (NIL ICE CATTLEMEN NOT)*

29 (Focused American, skipping college, put down name) ENTERED  ([c]ENTERED)

30 (Rastafarian vegetables very important? Not very)  ITAL  ([v]ITAL)

31 (Personality to allure, captivating blokes after some time)  TEMPERAMENT  (ERA + MEN in TEMPT


1  (Dram fellow brought in promptly, but not now)  TIFT  (F in TIT)  tit is old word for promptly

3  (Internet user’s joke offering no end of glee)  ONLINER  (ON[e]-LINER)

4  (Attended sportsmen – one below slope brought in a pike)  GHILLIED  (HILL I in GED)

5  (Saint’s city supports one without saint)  ASSISI

6  (Scots keep one fixed in windscreen display)  HAUD  (A in HUD)  head up display

7  (Smitten man turned up embracing penny)  EPRIS  (P in SIRE<)

8  (Rice served with man’s Japanese mushrooms)  REISHIS  (REIS + HIS)

9  (Case summary elevated indication of action: one’s worried)  BREVIATE  (VERB< I ATE)

14 (Vermin caught in overturned half of garden, granted)  LICENCED  (LICE C in DEN<)

15 (Poisoning one tucking into palm fibres)  RAPHANIA  (AN in RAPHIA)

16 (State opening involves debuts of recent MPs, obviously)  VERMONT  (Recent Mps Obviously in VENT)

18 (It’s time to slot in piece of wood, acacia wood, possibly)  SHITTIM  (IT T in SHIM) shittim is wood of shittah tree in the Bible

21 (Single drug enslaving a student, often)  LOANEE  (A in LONE E)

23 (Opening and closing of venture seen in annual income)  RENTE  (RENT [ventur]E)

25 (Computer equipment: printing unit’s an article)  ITEM  (IT + EM)

27 (Sailor pierced by rebounding cutlass? On the contrary)  SALT  (cuTLASs<)

* = anagram    < = reverse    [ ] = omitted


One Response to “Beelzebub 1106”

  1. Rishi says:

    Explanation for 5d:

    Saint’s city – def
    supports – ASSISTS
    one – I
    without saint – ASSI(st)S I

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