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Independent on Sunday 1107 by Poins

Posted by flashling on May 8th, 2011


Only done one Poins crossword before, so wasn’t sure quite what to expect. In the end it’s a mostly straightforward Sunday Indy. * indicates anagram.

No obvious themes or ninas as we’ve come to expect on most weekdays that I can see, but none the worse for that.


1 Have second thoughts when proviso added to contract includes key disadvantages (10) RECONSIDER E (key) + CONS (disadvantages) in RIDER (proviso)
7 Bendtner finally gets help in attack (4) RAID (Bendtne)R + AID. Is Poins another Gunner?
9 Prospect for gold in this country (8) PANORAMA OR (gold) in PANAMA
10 Reserved copies not left on time (6) MODEST No L(eft) in MODE(l)S + T(ime)
11 Passage outside Poins’ cell (6) GAMETE ME (Poins) in GATE
12 Key for room found next to counter (5,3) SPACE BAR SPACE (room) + BAR (counter)
13 Muscle complaint (4) BEEF Double definition
15 Nathan almost explodes over Ron’s initial quote for fuel (10) ANTHRACITE R(on) in NATHA(n)* + CITE (quote)
17 Ends with leading pair gone after today’s qualifiers (10) ADJECTIVES AD (today) + (ob)JECTIVES (ends)
20 Refuse shelter to son (4) LEES LEE (shelter) + Son Refuse as rubbish
22 Form of address across Northern Ireland indicating a clergyman (8) MINISTER NI in MISTER
24 Go back when soldiers surrender (6) RECEDE RE (Royal Engineers) + CEDE (surrender)
26 Important element in a fastener (6) STAPLE Double definition
27 Unfriendly claim spelt out after I returned home (8) INIMICAL I + IN rev + CLAIM*
28 Frank is unattached (4) FREE Double definition
29 Understood when treated badly after prison (10) PENETRATED PEN (prison) + TREATED*
2 Spring issue (7) EMANATE Double Definition
3 Ooze out around new radiation screen (5) OZONE N in OOZE*
4 Do without a section of replacement component (5,4) SPARE PART SPARE (do without) PART (section)
5 Absolutely determined like the Bloomsbury Group perhaps (4,3) DEAD SET DEAD absolutely SET determined. Well I suppose they’re all dead.
6 Somewhat humdrum barn dance (5) RUMBA Hidden in clue
7 Correct about dead writer (3-6) RED-PENCIL RE about + D(ead) + PENCIL writer
8 Isn’t Dicky to answer on books by Swift? (7) INSTANT ISNT* + A(nswer) + N(ew) T(estament) (books)
14 Understandable after Bill gets outright ownership (3,6) FEE SIMPLE FEE (bill) + SIMPLE (understandable)
16 Nearly all others strive foolishly to become one of those ready when needed (9) RESERVIST RES(t) + STRIVE*
18 Split discovered in the German boat (7) DRIFTER RIFT(split) in DER(the in German)
19 Dislike cutting Zola’s ending from translation (7) VERSION No end to (zol)A in AVERSION
21 Play with spirit after goal (7) ENDGAME END (game) GAME (spirit)
23 Oddly this at a higher level supports Einstein’s earliest correlation (3-2) TIE-UP Oddly ThIs + E(instein) + UP
25 Displayed in church in Amish country (5) CHINA Hidden in clue

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