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Guardian Quiptic 599 Pan

Posted by scchua on 9th May 2011


Quite a straightforward puzzle, putting it somewhere left of centre in the difficulty spectrum for a Quiptic.  Thanks Pan.  Also thanks to fellow blogger, flashling, from whom I’ve copied the additional idea of underlining the definitions in the clues, as some of the definitions here require no further comment.

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Independent 7663/Nitsy

Posted by Pierre on 9th May 2011


I was pleased when I saw Nitsy’s name on today’s puzzle.  He’s a comparatively recent addition to the Indy stable, although I believe he also sets for the FT under the name of Flimsy.  I’ve enjoyed (although struggled to complete) his previous offerings.  There was plenty to appreciate here: with a couple of exceptions, most of the cluing seemed pretty sound to me and there were two or three clues that I particularly enjoyed.

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Guardian 25,317 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 9th May 2011


This is a classic Rufus puzzle, I think. All the hallmarks are there – succinct, witty cluing, clever anagrams [8ac, for instance] superb surfaces … There are rather more anagrams and fewer cryptic definitions today, I think, but there are some gems amongst those – 10ac and 2dn for example. Many thanks, Rufus, for an enjoyable start to the week.

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Cyclops 442: Royal wedding special

Posted by jetdoc on 9th May 2011


A topical offering from Cyclops, and a nice antidote to the otherwise sycophantic press coverage which has been so difficult to avoid. 7/26, a tour de force, has to get the vote for clue of the fortnight; I also rather like 23d
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