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Guardian Quiptic 599 Pan

Posted by scchua on May 9th, 2011


Quite a straightforward puzzle, putting it somewhere left of centre in the difficulty spectrum for a Quiptic.  Thanks Pan.  Also thanks to fellow blogger, flashling, from whom I’ve copied the additional idea of underlining the definitions in the clues, as some of the definitions here require no further comment.


9 When translated ruin Ghana’s language (9)
HUNGARIAN :  Anagram(translated) of RUIN GHANA.

10 A flower came into being (5)
AROSE + ROSE(flower).  Defn:  Came into being,existence.

11 Christ has alternative to drink in hymn tune (7)
CHORALE :  CH(Christ) +(has) OR(alternative) +(to) + ALE(drink).

12 Naturally grown bit of garlic in a grocery rejected (7)
ORGANIC :  Hidden(bit of) and reversed(rejected) in garliC IN A GROcery.  Defn:  Naturally grown, without the aid of artificial pesticides, fertilisers, and whatever else is considered “synthetic” and bad, such goodness coming with a price premium.

13 Narrow road in two states (4)
LANETwo states of the USA: LA(abbrev. for Louisiana for use with zip code) + NE(ditto for Nebraska)

14 Dreadful face bearing a horrible boil and start of cyst (10)
DIABOLICAL :  DIAL(face, of a watch or instrument) around(bearing) {A + anagram(horrible) of BOIL + C(first letter,start of cyst)}

16 Other people accepting blame for treatment (7)
THERAPY :  THEY(nominative pronoun for third person plural to refer to Other people) around(accepting) RAP(as in to “take the rap,blame” for a wrongdoing).  Defn:  Treatment, of various sorts ranging from physio- to psycho- to aversion to electroconvulsive, ie. electric shocks to hydro- to retail, it seems there’s a treatment of sorts for any ailment.

17 Disappear holding recipe for glaze (7)
VARNISH :  VANISH(Disappear) around(holding) R(abbrev. for recipe., which used to mean a medical prescription from the Latin recipe=take (it), hence the Rx at the top of medical prescriptions).

19 Girl with new English fragrance that’s ephemeral (10)
EVANESCENT :  EVA(proper name for a girl) +(with) N(new) E(English) SCENT(fragrance).  Defn: Fleeting,lasting only a short time,ephemeral.

22 Travelling entertainment‘s quite good! (4)
FAIR :  Double defn:  1st.  A collection of sideshows, games, rides, etc. for public entertainment, travelling from place to place, akin to the travelling circus.  Nowadays such entertainment is provided by theme parks.   2nd.  A range of meanings from moderately to completely good, in other words, quite good!

24 Endearing volunteer from the East visiting backward island (7)
LOVABLE :  Reverse(from the East, for an across answer) of VOL(abbrev. for volunteer) +(visiting) reversal(backward) of ELBA(island in the Mediterranean on which Napoleon spent his first exile)

25 “Cream welcome here” heard in more expensive accommodation? (2,5)
EN SUITE :  Homophone(heard) of “On Sweet (pudding, pie, tart, etc.)” ie. this is where,here that cream should be put,is welcome.  Defn:  French phrase literally meaning part of a set, but commonly used to describe accommodation, eg. hotel room, with a bathroom attached,en suite, and hence more expensive.

26 Private meal doesn’t include starter (5)
INNER :  DINNER(meal) minus (doesn’t include) D(first letter,starter).  Defn:  Private, as in “your inner self”.

27 Start off season before umpire returns with drug in hamper (9)
INTERFERE :  W(first letter,start) taken away(off) from WINTER(season) +(before) reversal(returns) of REF(eree,umpire) +(with) E(Ecstasy drug).  Defn:  To meddle in and thus hamper proceedings.


1 Drunkenly create alcoholic cake (9,6)

2 Woman has small amount to give out (8)
ANNOUNCE :  ANN(proper name for a woman) +(has) OUNCE(small amount = 1/16 of a pound weight).  Defn:  Declare,give out.

3 Nibbles cooked pasta (5)
TAPAS :  Anagram(cooked) of PASTA.  Defn:  Spanish tidbits,nibbles.

4 Tidy life ruined by honesty? (8)
FIDELITY :  Anagram(ruined) of TIDY LIFE.

5 Ben prepared to hide cat in Bury (6)
ENTOMB :  Anagram(prepared) of BEN around(hide) TOM(cat).  Defn:  Bury, the verb, not to be confused with the town.

6 Report article on traditional wisdom in Indian city (9)
BANGALORE :  BANG(Report of sound) + A(the indefinite article) + LORE(traditional wisdom, such as folklore).  Defn:  Indian city, leading IT exporter.


  7 Commanding officer with gallon container turned up for a drink (6)
COGNAC :  CO(Commanding officer) +(with) G(gallon, measure of volume, comes in 2 versions, Imperial and US) + reversal(turned up, for a down answer).  Defn:  Alcoholic drink, a brandy from grapes, produced in the region around the town of the same name in France. 
8 Cannier rep helps to shift piece of desk equipment (6,9)
PENCIL SHARPENER :  Anagram(shift) of CANNIER REP HELPS.  Defn:  A piece of desk equipment, nowadays rarely found.  They used to come in various designs, both mechanical and electrical.


15 Turned up with money for man to get cheese (9)
CAMEMBERT :  CAME(Turned up) +(with) M(money) +(for) BERT(proper name for a man).  Defn:  A soft creamy cows’ milk cheese, first made in Normandy, France.

17 Five close to separatists reported prolonged feud (8)
VENDETTA :  V(Roman numeral for Five) + END(close) + homophone(reported) of “ETA, armed organisation of Basque separatists)”.

18 Fancied by setter, dame collapsed holding drink (8)
IMAGINED :  I(me, the setter) + anagram(collapsed) of DAME around(holding) GIN(drink).  Defn:  Describing a product of one’s imagination.

20 Arrival of a designer’s first outlet (6)
ADVENTA + D(first letter of designer’s) + VENT(outlet

21 Creationists’ leader wrongly tried for belief (6)
CREDIT:  C(first letter,leader of Creationists’) + anagram(wrongly) of TRIED.  Defn:  Belief in the truth, reliability, quality, etc, of someone or something, eg. “I would give credit to his statements”. 

23 Unjustly take hold of American with “university” accent (5)
USURP:  US(American) +(with) U(university) RP(abbrev. for Received Pronounciation, originally that of educated English speakers in southern England, public schools, Oxbridge universities (thus also “university” accent), adopted by many speakers elsewhere and used in broadcasting, hence sometimes known as BBC English).  Defn:  Unjustly take hold, usually of official position or title, eg. Macbeth usurping the throne of Scotland in Shakespeare’s play, which, by the way, was a fictional account.

9 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 599 Pan”

  1. Robi says:

    Enjoyable puzzle, and thanks to scchua for a great, pictorial blog. In 17d, perhaps you forgot to add END? I think the full definition here might be prolonged feud.

    I forgot the RP=accent, so thanks for that. I also missed the zip codes in LANE, although it couldn’t be anything else.

    Probably about right for a Quiptic, although USURP, EN SUITE and VENDETTA were a bit tricky, I thought.

  2. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks for a superb blog, scchua, though I’m surprised you don’t mention the suggestive imagery of some of the surface, viz., 14 and 19ac and 18d, to name but a few :)

    I’d like to know how you reduce your photos to such manageable sizes, as it would improve the appearance of my blogs, at least for me on my notepad.

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thank you for this blog.

    Possibly pedantic correction re 13ac: The abbrevations LA and NE are recognised state abbreviations, but not zip codes, which are numerical (for example, a place in Louisiana will have a zip code beginning 70 or 71). I got most of this from

  4. stiofain says:

    About right for a quiptic Stella irfanview is a great free program for simple pic resizing.

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Many thanks, scchua, for a good blog of puzzle that sat nicely as a Quiptic. Nothing too stretched or obscure, and some nice clueing with the hidden answer in ORGANIC and the nice surface in the anagram for CHOCOLATE ECLAIR.

    Received Pronunciation originally comes (I think) from the requirement to have a certain standard accent before being received into the Royal Court four hundred or so years ago. Thankfully the status of RP as the ‘preferred accent’ has much diminished these days.

  6. grandpuzzler says:

    Thanks, scchua, for your blog and K’s Dad for the explanation of RP which was new to me.


    grandpuzzler @ 98004

  7. scchua says:

    Thank you all for comments.

    Robi@1, I’ve added the END and underlined “prolonged”.

    Stella@2, in future, if possible, I’ll try to find some suggestive pictures to go with the suggestive imagery! moderator allowing! I copy and paste (Ctl C & Ctl V with PC) pics on to the post in Visual mode. I click on the picture for the “handles” to appear, then drag a corner “handle” to downsize.

    Pelham Barton@3, you’re right. I meant to say “state abbrev. to be used WITH the zip code”.

    K’sDad@5, you’re probably right about the origin of the concept, though I can’t find mention of Royal Court in the references I’ve looked at, including this one:
    which gives more than you’ll probably ever want to know about RP, which expression was first used in 1818.

  8. Derek Lazenby says:

    A bit like today’s Rufus. Started off appearing harder than it turned out to be. We seem to agree that a few were perhaps overly convoluted for a Quiptic, but I guess a few are ok.

  9. flashling says:

    Borrowing my idea? Maybe, not sure on that, I think it helps lost solvers though. Will see if I have time to do it tomorrow as it’s a busy day and not sure when I’ll get te chance to blog, but that bit doesn’t take too long. Is it a good thing to do in the blog or too far as a spoiler?

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