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Financial Times 13,689 / Hamilton

Posted by scchua on May 10th, 2011


Sorry if this looks ragged.  My original bells and whistles one disappeared when I hit the Publish button, and I’m now late for dinner.  Normal service will resume next week.

This was enjoyably not difficult, helped by some phrases that were recognisable from the enumeration and crossing letters.  Thanks Hamilton.  Definitions are underlined in the clues (thanks flashling).


1 Bet it gets cold in the water, so be nonchalant (4,2,4)

PLAY IT COOL :  LAY(bet) + IT + C(cold) in POOL(water).

6 Oath taken by renegade (4)

EGAD :  Hidden in renEGADe.

9 Flatter with sophisticated conversation (6-4)

SMOOTH -TALK :  SMOOTH(sophisticated) TALK(conversation)

10 Thrill to a song and dance (4)

STIR :  Double defn:  1st:  Excite;  and 2nd:  A to-do, a fuss.

12 Unhappily, Bush relented to look for unfair advantage (4,3,5)

BEND THE RULES :  Anagram(unhappily) of BUSH RELENTED.

15 Graphic representation of logarithms omits fifty (9)

HISTOGRAM :  Anagram(representation) of LOGARITHMS minus L(fifty).

17 Philosopher not given to complaining (5)

STOIC :  Double defn:  1st:  Proper noun of philosopher of STOIC school; and 2nd:  common noun of one who suffers without complaining.

18 Was an engineer first support for Rolling Stones drummer? (5)

WATTS :  WATT(James, Scottish engineer and inventor, unit of power, watt named after him) + S(upport).  Defn:  Charlie Watts.

19 Want to get in team colours to suit (9)

PINSTRIPE :  PINE(Want to) around STRIP(team colours).  Defn:  Suit of material with thin stripes running down.

20 It can take you to the point of no return (3-3,6)

ONE-WAY TICKET :  Cryptic defn:  Takes you to where you have no intention of returning from.

24 Search customers looking for War and Peace, say (4)

TOME :  Hidden(search) in cusTOMErs.  Defn:  A lengthy book of which War and Peace is an example(say).

25 Somehow niece collared animal, ‘e added with excitement (10)

EBULLIENCE :  Anagram(somehow) of NIECE around(collared) BULL(an animal) +(added) ‘E.

26 Exasperate with endless stream of energy (4)

RILE :  RILL(stream, brook) without end(endless) letter L + E(energy).

27 Printed page of directions to landlord (10)

NEWSLETTER :  NEWS(the 4 directions combined) + LETTER(landlord).


1 Flowers were said to be affected (4)

POSY :  Homophone(were said) of POSEY(affected,pretentious,striking a pose).  Defn:  A bunch of flowers.

2 Prophet initiating a morning of study (4)

AMOS:  Starting letters(initiating) of A Morning Of Study.  Defn:  A prophet in the OT.

3 Uncomfortable position for atheist on the move? (2,3,3,4)

IN THE HOT SEAT :  Anagram(move) of ATHEIST ON THE.

4 Called for detectives to take note (5)

CITED :  CID(detectives) around(to take) TE(7th note in a diatonic scale).

5 The last person on earth to admit to his failings? (4,5)

ONLY HUMAN :  Double cryptic defn:  1st:  Noun:  The sole earthling left after everyone else has been destroyed; and 2nd:  Adjectival:  Merely mortal, willing to admit his failings, as in “To err is human…”

7 Like Nato, go prepared to see and take part (3,1,4-2)

GET A LOOK-IN :  Anagram(prepared) of LIKE NATO GO.  Defn:  Get a chance to do something you would like to do and would like to succeed in.

8 Mysterious group holding servicemen have something to hide (4,6)

DARK SECRET :  DARK(mysterious) SECT(group) around(holding) RE(Royal Engineers, servicemen).

11 Complete the race, but do it unacceptably badly (5,3,4)

CROSS THE LINE :  Double defn:  1st:  Pass the finishing line; and 2nd:  Cross, in terms of behaviour, the boundary between what’s acceptable and good and what’s unacceptable and bad.

13 Exhibitionist from the musical Queen (10)

SHOWBOATER :  SHOWBOAT(American musical with music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II) + ER(Queen Elizabeth).

14 Hearst limo engineered to keep at constant temperature (10)

ISOTHERMAL :  Anagram(engineered) of HEARST LIMO.

16 Respected salesman with superior furniture (9)

REPUTABLE :  REP(sales representative) U(upper class) TABLE(piece of furniture).

21 Destroys blades that have lost their edge (5)

CULLS :  SCULLS(oars, whose flat parts are called blades) without E, the letter at the edge.  Defn:  Killing of some proportion of a population,herd to reduce the populaton,herd size. 

22 Something that bites back something that bites! (4)

GNAT :  Reversal(back) of TANG(distinctive, sharp taste, that bites).  Defn:  A small biting fly, or in UK, a mosquito.

23 He forecasts it will be dry, though changeable at the close (4)

SEER :  SERE(dry) with the letters at the close interchanged, the final E going before the R.

6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,689 / Hamilton”

  1. mike04 says:

    Thanks for the blog, scchua. Yes, I agree, an enjoyable puzzle.

    When solving two of the down clues, I had thoughts about the spelling.

    1: Chambers gives POSEY or POSY (affected), so I wonder if this is a fair word to use in a Homophone Clue. Well it threw me for some time!

    23: “though changeable at the close”
    I read this (perhaps wrongly) as meaning that the word for dry could be changeable – either SEAR or SERE.

  2. bamberger says:

    Got about 90% of this out -thanks Hamilton -the four letter words did for me-failed on stir, rile, posy and gant. As Graham Taylor said “Do I not like homophones”

  3. Hamilton says:

    Many thanks for the blog scchua, and mike04 and bamberger for your comments.

    mike04 – I did mention the dual spelling to my editor when I submitted the puzzle, but concluded that as Chambers gives “posy” as a rare usage I could get away with a homophone clue. A liberty maybe, but a slight one!

    bamberger – I hope one day to have a puzzle where you get 100%, but it won’t be yet, I fear, as I haven’t had time to set any since this one!

  4. scchua says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Hamilton. Always a pleasure to hear from “the horse’s mouth”, if you know what I mean. Look forward to your next puzzle then.

  5. mike04 says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Hamilton. Good to hear from you.
    Now we know that you are slightly Libertarian!

  6. flashling says:

    Hey I’ll have start claiming royalties. :-) Do you use any software to help in the blog as my method is still a bit labour intensive? Let me know privately please, Phil. Wish I’d tried this now but there’s only so much free time in my working day.

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