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Azed 2032

Posted by jetdoc on May 15th, 2011


With apologies for the late posting. I found this one to be at the easy end of the Azed spectrum, though I needed Chambers to confirm a few answers.

I do, however, have queries about 2d and 23d.

1 FATSTOCK Large vessel with meaty liquor — it’s prepared for market
FAT = large; also, a vessel for holding liquids; STOCK = meaty liquor
7 ALMS One shortened length with piece of writing — it was a good deed
A = one; L = shortened length; MS = manuscript. A good or charitable deed (obs)
10 UNRULIMENT Riot of old causing tremulous U-turn around threshold
*(U-turn); LIMEN = the threshold of consciousness; the limit below which a stimulus is not perceived
11 NUMBAT Stupefied when confronted by marsupial?
NUMB = stupefied; AT = confronted by. The banded anteater
12 BROKER Brother accepts fair intermediary
BRER = brother; OK = fair
14 DAPS One in a suit almost rejected gym shoes
SPAD[e] (suit in playing cards) reversed. Daps
16 AT-HOME A book receiving initially hostile reception
A TOME; H = initially hostile
17 NEREUS This sea-god on rare map I’ll get redone for European mariners
Anagram of ‘European mariners’, minus ‘on rare map I’. Nereus
18 CANTHARIS Aphrodisiac in drinking cups before sex? Former spouse put off
CANTHARI = large two-handled drinking cups; S[ex] (‘ex’ = former spouse). Spanish fly
19 AFTERTIME Fatter, wobbling, I’m beginning to exercise — this happens later
*(Fatter); IM; E = beginning to exercise. Later time.
24 SARDAR Indian army chief died on Arab going after retreating prince
RAS = prince, reversed; D = died; AR = Arab. Sardar
25 TOUTED What’s published, penned by e.g. Dexter, lavishly praised?
OUT = published; Ted Dexter, celebrating his 76th birthday today. To advertise, praise or recommend strongly.
27 ERTE This French artist, il a … atelier organisé, peut-être?
Anagram of ‘atelier’ minus ‘il a’. Erte, a Russian-born French artist and designer
29 RABATO Rear Admiral with shortened round (plastic) stiff collar, old-fashioned
RA = Rear Admiral; BATO[n], refers to a round of plastic bullets. Also rebato, a stiff collar or support for a ruff
30 ALLIUM To bungle a round, I put in e.g. an onion
MULL (= bungle, entry number 7 for this word in Chambers) A, reversed; I. The genus to which onions, leeks, garlic, etc belong.
31 ICELAND-DOG It accompanies mush perhaps in odd glace that’s melted
*(in odd glace). The Icelandic Sheepdog, might take part in a mush, a journey on foot with dogs over snow.
32 MASU Pacific salmon: odd bits found in meat soup
Alternate letters of ‘meat soup’. Oncorhynchus masou
33 TRESPASS Hack lock containing spring
TRESS = lock; SPA = spring. Used in the sense of hacking into computers, phones etc.
1 FAND Wing’s day, getting try as of old
FAN = wing (anything spreading in a fan shape, e.g. a bird’s wing or tail); D = day. To try or attempt (obs)
2 AQUA TOFANA Secret poison made by a former pipsqueak from argon and sodium
A QUAT = an insignificant person (Shakespeare); OF = from; A isn’t argon, though — it’s Ar Have I misread this clue?; NA = sodium. A strong poison, reputedly widely used in Naples and Rome.
3 TUMPHY Type of Scottish fireclay used in quantum physics
Hidden in ‘quantum physics’. Coaly fireclay.
4 TRAUMA Marat butchered, pierced by end of couteau? A fatal one, clearly
*(Marat u). Jean-Paul Marat was stabbed to death in his bathtub by Charlotte Corday, a Girondin supporter.
5 OUT-SENTRY Perimeter guard maybe is dismissive of admittance
OUTS = is dismissive of; ENTRY = admittance
6 KIRBEH What Arab bhisti carries: sweet liquor, see, not old
LIR = sweet (blackcurrant) liquor; BEH[old]. A water container made from animal hide, which might be carried by a bhishti.
7 AMOS Months ending year in e.g. Oz
A = year (annus); MOS = months. Amos Oz
8 LEKKER De Klerk losing lead, worsted — such an experience for his opponents?
*(e Klerk). The experience of defeating him could be pleasant, enjoyable, for his opponents.
9 STRESSED Climbing courses, at the end, carrying weight?
DESSERTS = courses at the end of a meal, reversed.
13 EQUISETUMS Stiff herbaceous plants growing wild in SE Mustique
*(SE Mustique). Horsetails
15 ANTITRADE One vehement speech, time limited, blows counter to what’s prevalent?
AN = one; TIRADE = vehement speech; T = time. A wind that blows in the opposite direction to the trade wind, i.e. in the northern hemisphere from the north-east and in the southern hemisphere from the south-east.
16 ALASTRIM Woe over condition, a form of smallpox
ALAS = woe; TRIM = condition (vt). Variola minor
20 TRIBES Classes getting second-class mark in tests?
B = second-class; TRIES = tests
21 RAT-TAT What roused drunken porter, wretch with shabby clothes?
RAT = wretch; TAT = shabby clothes. Refers to this scene in Macbeth
22 MOULDS Mixture of mud and soil I cast making models
*(mud sol), ‘I’ having been omitted.
23 STRIGA Stiff hair that’s dressed up in South Africa
GIRT = dressed up, reversed (Thanks, Andrew!); SA = South Africa
26 BALU Bear protected in tribal uplands
Hidden in ‘tribal uplands’. In India, a bear; Baloo is the fictional bear featured in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book from 1894 and The Second Jungle Book from 1895.
28 EMUS Favourite uncle doffing lid for birds
Uncle Remus is the title character and fictional narrator of a collection of African American folktales.

5 Responses to “Azed 2032”

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the blog jetdoc. I wondered about A=Argon: Chambers gives it, with the note “now Ar”, so the clue should really have had a “once” or something in it.

    23dn is GIRT< in SA.

  2. Bob Sharkey says:

    Nice review. Re 2d C. lists A as former abbr. for argon. Re 23d I had girt (rev) in S.A. I was hoping for some explanation of the surface of 27a, i.e. what would the French phrase mean with Erte inserted?

  3. jetdoc says:

    Thanks, Andrew. If I only managed to allow myself enough time to do this properly!

    I don’t think A for argon is acceptable without an indication that it’s obsolete. It’s a very long time since it was in common usage. The ‘former’ earlier in the clue doesn’t seem to cover it.

  4. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    27a A lovely foreign language compound anagram.

  5. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    I think that the A/Ar quibbles are rather unnecessary. The ‘former’ can easily apply to the rest of the clue if you are that fussy.

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