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Independent 7670 by Scorpion

Posted by flashling on May 17th, 2011


Help! Well Quixote did say yesterday to expect a harder thematic soon. As per usual there’s 1 I can’t really parse so help would be appreciated.

So here we are with Scorpion and a full themed Beatles crossword. Can’t see any Ninas as such.

I’ve tried to add Beatles links but suspect I’ve missed quite a few. There’s a lot of reversed in the wordplay reflecting on the use of it in later recording perhaps.


6 STRAWBERRY (fields forever) Warts rev + Hom of Bury. 4000 holes perhaps with Blackburn
9 JOHN (Lennon) Double definition
11 APPLE  (Beatles record company) (w)ALE(s) around P(arish) P(riest)
12 (yellow) SUBMARINE B(read) in SUM +  (in ear)* [Edit quite right KD should proof read really!]
13 (day) TRIPPER T(hailand) + RIPPER  (Australian  for great)
14 EARFLAPS A+R +ALF reversed in EP
16 OCTOPUS (‘s garden) C in Old Testament + Opus
18 EASTMAN (Linda’s maiden name) EAST + ‘NAM reversed
20 HAMBURG (early gigs there) HAM + GRUB reversed
23 RAPIDLY D in APRIL* + Y(ogi)
25 PORTICOED R + TIC in POO (number 2) + Editor
26 RINGO (Starr) GROIN* replaced Pete Best
28 USER (well they did a lot of drugs!) Hidden reversed in flaRES Unlikely
29 EGG CUSTARD EG + (drug acts)*
1 ASIA A1 (fab) + S(ong) A(rrangement) reversed
2 DESSERTS Stressed reversed
3 TREBLE (Eng)elbert reversed [edit minor typo fixed]
4 SOCIAL Not sure here, 1 + CO reversed in SAL. Can’t really see SAL/LAS being Scouse group. A bad pun on liverpudlian speak  for CELL?
5 ANTE (serg)EANT*
7 REPAINT R(evolver) +IN in TAPE reversed
8 WHELP (che)W + HELP!
10 (I am the) WALRUS URL in SAW all reversed
13 TROTH H(igh) in TROT
15 PENNY (lane) PEN (fold) + N(ew) Y(ork)
17 PLUG IN LP reversed + U + GIN
18 EURYDICE E(nters) U(sing) + DRY ICE with D moved a bit
19 (lady) MADONNA MAD + ON + AN  reversed
21 MERSEY YES and REM reversed
22 GEORGE (Harrison) ROE in EGG reversed
24 PARIS PAIRS with I moving. Michelle ma Belle
25 PAUL (Mccartney) U in PAL. World cup predicting Octopus.
27 ODDS Starting prices and odd letters in PrIcE = PIE

12 Responses to “Independent 7670 by Scorpion”

  1. sidey says:

    4d it would seem

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Thanks flashling
    Google came to my rescue for 4dn. Apparently there was a Liverpool rock group in the ’80s called The La’s.

    I’m afraid that I don’t understand your “4000 holes perhaps with Blackburn” comment in 6dn. I would not say that Bury is ‘somewhere near Blackburn’. The clue should have had Bolton, Manchester or even Rochdale.

  3. flashling says:

    Thanks for The La’s, it was lost on me. The 4000 holes comes from “Day in the Life” by the Beatles.,,-82706,00.html

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, flashling.

    This was tough, I thought, and even though I’d twigged the theme, I was about to throw in the towel when I got OCTOPUS and SUBMARINE. So I finally finished, and enjoyed it. I like themes like this one, where solutions are related but aren’t just a list of novels, authors, or Man Utd players.

    I think at 3dn we need an anagrind: it’s ENGLEBERT less ENG, and (LEBERT)*. And SUBMARINE is B in SUM (tot) and an anagram of (IN EAR)*, I fancy. But I certainly needed your blog to explain three or four others, which I stuck in without the slightest idea of the parsing.

    Nice theme, good puzzle.

  5. Thomas99 says:

    What fun! Thanks to Scorpion and to flashling for the blog. I think they’re in all of them, aren’t they, either in the clue or the answer?

    K’s Dad-
    EngELbert, not Englebert (German spelling, nicked from German composer)! (I think you must have seen it before flashling’s correction.) So no anagrind needed. Possibly my favourite clue in fact.

  6. Kathryn's Dad says:

    You’re quite right, Thomas99. My mistake – I took ‘upset’ to be an anagrind when in fact it was just indicating a reversal. Meant to say earlier that PORTICOED was my favourite today – I was trying to fit in the four-letter word for POO for a long time before the penny dropped.

  7. crypticsue says:

    Great fun. Thanks to Scorpion and Flashling. I do like a crossword where you can relive your youth and sing along as you solve!

  8. Tokyo Colin says:

    Excellent puzzle, great fun to solve. But I didn’ realise how pervasive the theme was and under time pressure used the cheat button to finish off. Pity, it was very doable.

  9. nmsindy says:

    Yes, impressive to fit so much in. Seeing the theme (after quite a while) helped me finish. Some of the wordplay v tortuous (in the best sense of the word) in the way I associate with Scorpion. And I’d say, Gaufrid, that for most us Bury and Blackburn are near enough to have caused no problem. Hard and enjoyable puzzle – thanks, Scorpion, and flashling for the blog.

  10. scchua says:

    Thanks flashling and Scorpion. Am glad I went on to this after finishing my FT blog. Something right up my street! Very enjoyable indeed!

    Great many references. Would I be stretching the theme a bit if I said that EGG and CUSTARD in 29A are from the lyrics of “I am the Walrus” – “…I am the eggman…” and “…yellow mother custard dripping from a dead dog’s eye…”.

    Particularly liked 25A PORTICOED, having learned what was No.2 since doing the Indy, 3D TREBLE, and 18D EURYDICE.

  11. scchua says:

    PS. Now, I’m not sure if it’s “…yellow matter custard…” or “…yellow mother custard…”.

  12. Mustyx says:

    Like many themed puzzles, of which I am not a fan, I found the clues in this too contrived. You couldn’t have finished this, I suspect, if you knew nothing about The Beatles (though I admit there are not such many people!)

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