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Inquisitor 1176: Unheeded Warning by Samuel

Posted by HolyGhost on May 18th, 2011


I must admit to having a soft spot for Samuel’s puzzles, so I was quite looking forward to this.
Seventeen clues have a misprint in the definition, correct letters spelling an instruction about how to enter ten answers. Two letters in the completed grid have to be amended (in contradiction to the instruction) to reveal the source, to be highlighted.

Steady progress, but then a slight impasse between a third and a half of the way through. Had …ONT…TI… as the instruction, then got M immediately after ONT – that had to signify a word-break so guessed DON’T M…TI… which suggested DON’T MENTION … what next? THE WAR, of course. (A quick check, 17 letters, so looking good.) I had pencilled in WARD at 17a which was getting in the way, but a review led to the answer being WARDENS to be entered as DENS, and the penny had well and truly dropped. The source of the instruction was obviously FAWLTY TOWERS, which was consistent with what I had on the leading diagonal, but with both occurrences of W changed (from D), thereby introducing WAR in ENDART at 13a and KILDARE at 30a.

The rest (quite a lot of it) was finishing off – at first fast and then somewhat slower, as often happens when the theme is rumbled fairly early on. A few quibbles/queries with some of the cluing, but nevertheless, thanks go to Samuel.

A few points: I’m not sure where the final A in ATALAYA at 15a comes from; I assume that the answer to 32a is RANEE’S, the apostrophe making it an adjective instead of a plural noun, otherwise I can’t see how we get the terminal S from the clue; I don’t understand the function of “Poet’s” in 11d; and AFTERSWARM at 12a is defined as “second cast” – “second” appears to be redundant as Chambers has “cast” = “second swarm” = “afterswarm”. These and others are noted in the Wordplay below.

(Similar theme to 118, Crazy Couple by Poat on 28-Mar-09 – but handled quite differently.)

No. Answer Corrected
12 AFTERSWARM AFT (=behind) + ER (=queen) + (i)S + WARM (=lively)
13 ENDART dash in END (=conclude) + ART (=stratagem)
14 RIMU RIM (=border) + U (=universal, for all)
15 ATALAYA … look out A(dult) + TA (=Territorial Army, volunteers) + LAY (=locate) + A (?)
{final A?}
16 TIANS … gratin (paymen)T + IANS (=Scotsmen?)
17 WARDENS W(ife) + HARDENS (=makes firm) – H(elp)
18 ELENCHI they rebut (prun)E + [LICHEN]*
20 VERDOY … blooms Hidden: (co)VER DOY(en)
25 TRISTE woe TRITE (=worn) around (ha)S
26 RAPIDLY in a nippy fashion RAP (=talk) + IDLY (=lazily)
27 AZAN call to prayer HAZAN (=synagogue leader) – H(is)
28 WARTWORT ARTWOR(k) in W(alle)T
30 KILDARE part of Eire [DARK + EVIL – V(erse)]*
31 WARIEST W(eak) + ARIES (=ram) +T(he)
32 RANEE’S royal [SERENA]*
{apostrophe in answer?}
34 STALWARTLY STA(tion) + L(eft) + WART (=spot) + L(ad)Y
38 BLESSEDNESS divine quality [SENSELESS + B(oar)D]*
{anagram indicator?}
No. Answer Corrected
2 WARRANTEES W(elsh) + ARRAN (=island) + TEES (=supports)
3 ONWARD DRAW (=attract) + NO (=number) rev.
4 NEALS heats NÉ (=born) + A + L(iberal) + (i)S
6 OFFALS OF (=owing to) + FALS(e) (=untruth)
7 ATHWART [WHAT]* + ART (=is)
{second person singular of to be = third person singular?}
8 WARDERING [WADER]* + RING (=band) {canary = convict}
9 ERIACHS IRE (=resentment) rev. + [CASH]*
11 READVERTISE push again READ (=declare) + VERT (=green) + IS + E (=base)
21 REPOSAL rest [SPORE]* + AL(uminium)
22 STARERS [ARREST + S(oprano)]*
23 KIRTLE gown KIR (=drink) + T(rouble) + LE (=the, French)
24 ALKYLS A(mateur) + [KILLS]* with Y (=unknown) for I(sland)
27 ADNAN Arab name Hidden: (de)AD NAN(a)
29 TEWARTS (s)TEW (=prostitute, obs.) + ART (=trick) + (involve)S
33 EYE appear Double definition


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  1. Simon Harris says:

    Thanks, HolyGhost, and also to Samuel for very nice puzzle. I shared a handful of those quibbles, but it didn’t get in the way of an enjoyable solve.

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