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Independent 7,672/Tees

Posted by Ali on May 19th, 2011


Great stuff from the Tees-er. I found this easier than most Thursday Indy offerings, but there was plenty of elegant wordplay and a good selection of the tools of the trade on display. 23D gets my vote for clue of the day.

No hidden messages or what-have-you that I can see, but I often miss them!

1 TIMES – M(onsieur) in TIES
4 MALLARD – MALL by a R(oa)D
11 TERMINI – TERM (session) IN I(taly)
12 NEUTRON – U(nion) in (RENT ON)*
13 TOT – Double def.
14 ESTONIA – TO N(orth) I(sland) in (SEA)*
16 HIDDEN – 1 DD (theologian) in HEN (feathery layer)
17 ENAMEL – swEet
19 START UP – I think this is STAR + PUT back (i.e. replaced)
22 EAT – Hidden in thEATre
24 RECYCLE – RE (on) + CYCLE (bike)
26 REALM – REAL (silver coin) + M(oney)
27 EDELWEISS – E(uropean) + (SEES WILD)*
28 AVERNUS – A(rea) + R(ight) in VENUS
29 YIELD – Double def.
1 THEATRE -TH[-r(un]EAT + RE:
2 MATER – MA[-s(on)]TER
4 MAN IN THE STREET – Cryptic def.
5 LANGUID – L(arge) + AN (one) + GUID[-o]
6 ABSORBENT – R(upees) in AB (sailor) + SO BENT
8 CAPITAL LETTERS – Cryptic def.
15 TENTH-RATE – TENT (red) wine + H(our) after T(ime)
18 MAIN MAN – Cryptic def.
20 ARCHWAY – ARCH (chief) + WAY (route)
21 PLEASED – P(iano) + LEASED
23 AORTA – [-p]ORT in A(lcoholics) A(nonymous)
25 CHILE – “Chilli”

16 Responses to “Independent 7,672/Tees”

  1. NealH says:

    I think something has gone wrong with your explanations for 23 and 24.

  2. flashling says:

    @NealH agreed, and 17 seems to be missing a bit as well.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Many thanks, Ali.

    Those hoping for a Thursday toughie will have been disappointed, I guess, but I for one was happy to get a perfect example of ‘straightforward but good’ from Tees today. There were plenty of clues I liked today: good to see the world steam record holder featured at 4ac, and was pleased to learn a new word in AVERNUS.

    I think we’re also missing part of the parsing in 17ac – there’s a reversal of LEMAN in there; and in 25dn it’s a double homophone – Chilli and Chilly, representing the hot and cold elements of the clue.

    Pleasing puzzle, thank you Tees.

  4. walruss says:

    A copuple of others don’t look right either, but heigh-ho!! Great puzzle, lots of clever stuff in the wordplay as ever with Tees, and Indy puzzles generally. My COD is the visual joke with CAPITAL LETTERS. Thanks Ali & Tees-er.

  5. Ali says:

    Gah, sorry, I published the draft before Iā€™d filled everything in. Have updated them now, though I still need help with 17A

  6. sidey says:

    ‘LEMAN’ reversed in 17a, it’s an old sweetheart.

  7. walruss says:

    ‘Sweetheart’ for E then another kind of sweetheart reversed?

  8. Thomas99 says:

    I don’t understand Ali’s parsing. As far as I can see it’s TENT (a – to me – obscure, archaic word for Spanish red wine) then ATE (consumed) after HR (for hour, or time).

    Leman is more familiar to me, but probably only from doing crosswords…

  9. nmsindy says:

    Yes, that’s how I read ENAMEL too which was my last answer ie LEMAN reversed after the middle letter of swEet. Like others, I found this quite easy compared with some Tees puzzles of the past. The SW corner I found the trickiest bit overall. Thanks, Tees and Ali.

  10. Mustyx says:

    On the easy side, but an enjoyable puzzle. ‘Leman’ was new to me and ‘Avernus’ I’d forgotten if I ever knew it, but both eminently gettable from the wordplay.

    A design query: why are the clues sometimes published in a serif typeface, as today, and sometimes in a sans font, like on Saturday and Monday? I much prefer the serif face myself, finding it easier to read.

  11. Tees says:

    Thomas the Ice Cream parses 15a correctly. Even though my TENT is not to his taste (God it’s horrible stuff). K’s D gets the Double Homophone Challenge Trophy. The only other clue I should probably comment on is THEATRE, where R for Romeo is removed from THREAT/RE.

    Many thanks to you all, as ever, for the comments, and to Ali for his perceptive bloggery.

    Just a word about Mike Laws, who has passed away: you were one hell of a compiler, Mike, and I for one (there are many others) am deeply saddened to see you go.


  12. Thomas99 says:

    Tees (11)-
    From the horse’s mouth! Many thanks for setting my mind at rest. I certainly don’t think I’d come across that tent before, but don’t mind learning something new now and again. I’m pretty ignorant about Spain. There’s been quite a “discussion” over on the Guardian site about “obscurity” today and I seem to be keener on it than some (I should admit I also used “Tent = red wine” as an example of something more obscure than anything Araucaria had come up with – even though at the time I didn’t actually know it was right). Thanks for the crossword – lots of good clues with about 3 that had me against the ropes for quite a while. 19 (Start-up) was pretty crafty! I think my favourite was probably 9a – Entertain.

  13. Tees says:

    Cheers T99. *Is* there still a ‘Guardian Site’? I thought they’d blasted it off to Hell in a handcart (GU Crosswords, that is).

  14. caretman says:

    Thomas @12:

    I realized I’ve been too involved in crosswords when I see the beginning of your comment:


    and immediately find myself trying to parse the clue.

  15. flashling says:

    @Caretman tees(11) = pilesofsand? :-)

  16. Mustyx says:

    Yorick, Ikela, Fawley ā€“ we will miss you all. RIP MIke.

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