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Beelzebub 1108

Posted by Jed on May 22nd, 2011


Exellent brain exercise as always



1  Herbaceous plant showing dark spot? Always one    MACLEAYA MACLE AY A  macle is a dark spot in a crystal

6  Mordant and reprehensible  BASE dd

9  Not inflamed? Henry’s to worry, with nude dancing around  UNHEATED H EAT in (NUDE)*

11 Mostly privy about girl and guy’s date  CLOG-ALMANAC GAL+MAN IN CLOAC[a]  cloaca is a privy or sink of moral filth

12 What’s strong about individual drug user?  STONER ONE in STR

13 Indian art, note, accepted by Muslim leader  MEHNDI N in MEHDI

14 Morning service failing to complete baptism  AMRIT AM RIT[e]

17 Emigre around UK colony subject to demands for payment  EXIGIBLE GIB[raltar] in EXILE

18 Bad names if linked to one – may do this?  INFAMISE (NAMES IF I)*

22 Judgement? Interviewees spurning it  GUESS GUES[t]S

23 Critical after one’s run out of blood product  SEROUS SER[i]OUS

24 Rodent to damage most of seed  MARMOT MAR MOT[e]

26 Landowner who, with wife, would plough the meadows with little hesitation  HOMESTEADER (THE MEADO[w]S)* ER

27 Turned caustic about tangled line in fishing gear  TRAILNET (LINE)* in TART<

28 Father apparently returned twice  PAPA APAP<

29 Man left old soldier in area in Switzerland  HELVETIA HE L VET I A



1  Thinks to eradicate drug disorder  MUSS MUS[e]S

2  Knocks out class in school with teacher’s latest manoeuvring  CHLOROFORMS FORM in (SCHOOL R)*

3  One day after Christmas, recalled meteor  LEONID NOEL< ID

4  Peace, no longer lack of order, taking in sun  ATARAXIA RA in ATAXIA  ataxia is also the inability to coordinate voluntary movements

5  Promoters approve bringing in Director  ADMEN D in AMEN

6  Old letters composer failing to finish one  BRAHMI BRAHM[s] I

7  Walk awkwardly on board in bandaged  SWADDLES WADDLE in SS

8  Endless exercise roughly gathering 1000 compounds  EXCIMERS M in (EXERCIS[e])*

10 Elevation? Component’s brought about that of German city  ENNOBLEMENT BONN< in ELEMENT

14 American is cool about depth halfway along vessel  AMIDSHIP D in AM IS HIP

15 Blend of tangerine and grapefruit unusual in a lemon  MINNEOLA (IN A LEMON)*

16 Article found in peculiar Flemish cattle feed  FISHMEAL A in (FLEMISH)*

19 Energy in a crowd overcoming a simple creature  AMOEBA E in  A MOB< + A

20 Old time cricket score rising – play this way?  NURDLE (ELD RUN)<  nurdle is to score runs by gently pushing ball with bat

21 Frenzied journey in Arctic, taking little time  MUSTH T in MUSH

25 It’s a repeated farewell  TATA TA TA

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    <  =  reverse    dd = double definition


One Response to “Beelzebub 1108”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    Thanks Jed. Fine puzzle again. Beelzebub is the high point of my week.

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