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Independent on Sunday 1,109 by Hypnos

Posted by Uncle Yap on May 22nd, 2011

Uncle Yap.

Another new setter for me as far as blogging is concerned. Hypnos is generally sound and provided a wide array of cryptic devices for quite an entertaining puzzle.


1 ROGUE Ins of G (first letter of gang) in ROUE (rake or dissolute man in fashionable society) I once clued this as Rascal, heartless as well (5)

4 OMBUDSMAN Ins of BUDS (buddies or US term for friends) + M (month) in OMAN (Gulf state)

9 DRACONIAN DRAC (rev of CARD, character) ON (supported by) IAN (Scotsman)

10 MANET rha for Édouard Manet (1832-1883) a French painter.

11 ENTREE Cha of E (English) AINTREE (racecourse in Merseyside, famed for being host to The Grand National) minus AI (a UK motorway posing as a road) for another course on the dining table

12 AMUNDSEN Ins of MUN (rev of NUMber) in *(DANES)


16 QUID dd small amount of green (US slang for money) & Quid chewing, a method for consuming salvia divinorum

19 RITE ha

20 CHEERINESS Ins of ERIN (Irish woman) + E (energy) in CHESS (game on board for boardgame)

22 CONSOMME Ins of O (old) in *(COMMENTS minus last letter of backchaT)

23 STUPOR STUMP (defeat) minus M (male) + OR

26 ERASE tEaR bAtSmEn (alternate letters)

27 DAY CENTRE ins of CENT (little money) in *(READY)

28 HIT FOR SIX dd A batsman at the cricket pitch would want to hit each ball over the boundary for a sixer. This clue caught me off for a while until Chambers confirmed that a square is indeed a rectangular area in the centre of a cricket ground, on which the wickets are prepared.

29 ROOST Ins of S (first letter of Saab) in ROOT (foundation)


1 RED PEPPER RED (sounds like read, scanned) PEPPER (content of a pepper pot)

2 GRAFT Steffi GRAF (former German tennis champion) T (first letter of Tackle)


4 OVID VOID (unoccupied) with first letter (head) dropped to second place

5 BANDMASTER Ins of D (first letter of director) MASS (service) minus S in BANTER (joking)


7 MINISCULE Ins of IN (popular) IS ( IVR Code for Iceland) in MULE (drug carrier)

8 NOT ON Ins of T (first letter of tipple) in NOON (middle of day)

13 ARCHIMEDES Ins of CHIMED (agreed) in ARES (Greek God of war)

15 ATTENDANT Ins of D (first letter of Diary) in  AT TEN (In UK, one popular news programme is the ITV’s News At Ten) +  ANT (worker)

17 DISORIENT DIS (rev of SIDe, team) ORIENT (Leyton Orient F.C. are an English professional football club in East London. They currently play in the English Football League One and are known to their fans as the Orients.)

18 RIOT GEAR Ins of *(I GOT) in REAR (back)

21 BOLERO dd

22 CZECH Sounds like CHECK (rebuke)

24 PATIO PA (father, Old Man) TIRO (green or inexperienced person) minus R (right away)

25 LYNX Sounds like LINKS (golf course)

Key to abbreviations

dd = double definition

dud = duplicate definition

tichy = tongue-in-cheek type

cd = cryptic definition

rev = reversed or reversal

ins = insertion

cha = charade

ha = hidden answer

*(fodder) = anagram


4 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1,109 by Hypnos”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Good puzzle, not too hard. I think though that 7D is MINUSCULE with the country being the US.

  2. Uncle Yap says:

    I agree with you that MINUSCULE was what the setter probably meant since MINISCULE is marked in Chambers as “non-standard spelling”

  3. bamberger says:

    Defeated by
    6d-didn’t know that domino =cloak
    16a Hadn’t come across quid in a chewing context. Quid is also slang in the UK for a pound as in “lend us a quid , mate”
    15d Page=attendant didn’t come to mind
    22a For reasons unknown consomme=soup just didn’t come to mind
    22d Might have got this if I’d had c?e?h but only having ??e?h, I couldn’t see it.

    Excellent blog, thanks

  4. caretman says:

    On 23a, I originally had STUPID, from *(IS PUT) + D for defeat, since I could believe that ‘knocked stupid’ = ‘knocked into a daze’. But of course that didn’t explain the ‘male’ at the start of the clue, but it took me a while to convince myself that I had to be wrong.

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