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Guardian 25,335 – Brendan

Posted by Andrew on 30th May 2011


Apologies for a late and rather hurried Bank Holiday blog. It’s always a pleasure to see Brendan’s name, and this puzzle was enjoyable as ever. Regular readers will know that there’s always a theme in Brendan’s puzzles, but this one had me wondering where it was, and I didn’t spot it (or did I….?) until right at the end, when it was too late to be any help with solving some of the clues. I’ll say no more to avoid spoiling the fun, but if anyone missed it perhaps it will be mentioned in the comments.

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Guardian Quiptic 602 Don Putnam

Posted by scchua on 30th May 2011


This was on the easy side, even for a Quiptic.  Some, like the first and last clues, where the answers practically identified themselves, to make up the Quick half of the hybrid, and the other half, cryptic, but not by much.  Thanks Don (perhaps you were reaching out to really new beginners).  (Definitions are underlined in the clues.)

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Independent 7681/Quixote

Posted by Pierre on 30th May 2011


Quixote’s getting into his stride now with his Monday Indy slots, and I found this a pleasing puzzle which I considered to be a tad harder than his previous ones.  All fairly clued in the usual Quixotic style: in other words, when in doubt, follow the instructions.

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