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Financial Times 13,708 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on 1st June 2011


Another enjoyable mixed bag from Cinephile.  We get the full range from the sublime (12) and the fiendish (21 ac) to the obscure (10) and just plain rubbish (17, 19).   It was much easier to guess the answers than to explain why they were right.

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Guardian 25,337 / Crucible

Posted by Eileen on 1st June 2011


I was delighted to see Crucible’s name on this puzzle and I was not disappointed.  His crosswords often have a theme and here we have a nice cheerful one, with no obscurities, I think, apart from one clue which could evince a protest of ‘parochialism’. There are some excellent clues, with characteristic story-telling surfaces and lots to amuse and entertain. Many thanks, Crucible, for a very pleasant start to the day.

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Independent 7,683 / Dac

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 1st June 2011


Owing to a mix-up over dates on my part, I missed my last Wednesday blog four weeks ago (and thus my opportunity to blog a Dac puzzle), and I think I was beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms. What a pleasant feeling it is as a blogger to be able to enjoy solving a puzzle AND to know that when it comes to writing the blog, you will be able to present the reader with a set of reliably parsed solutions!

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Inquisitor 1178 – Begin at the Beginning by Nimrod

Posted by Hihoba on 1st June 2011


Having failed even to start the blank grid in 1177 by Phi, my heart sank when I saw another blank grid for this week’s puzzle. I find these difficult to do, but even harder to blog!

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