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Independent 7,683 / Dac

Posted by RatkojaRiku on June 1st, 2011


Owing to a mix-up over dates on my part, I missed my last Wednesday blog four weeks ago (and thus my opportunity to blog a Dac puzzle), and I think I was beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms. What a pleasant feeling it is as a blogger to be able to enjoy solving a puzzle AND to know that when it comes to writing the blog, you will be able to present the reader with a set of reliably parsed solutions!

The entries that I struggled most with today were at 3 and 13: with 13 I just couldn’t get Little Red Riding Hood out of my head, while with 3, although I spotted the second word easily, the first word proved highly elusive, since both “bound” and “milk” change their grammatical form surface reading to wordplay.

I very much appreciated the surface readings in 1, 2 and above all 5. My favourite, however, was 23: I guessed the answer from the letters, but was foxed by “leaves” for a long time, as I did not spot yet another change in part of speech.

*(…) indicates an anagram

1 COSH COS (SOC=society; “in recession” indicates reversal) + H (=hard, as in HB pencils)
3 HOUSE PARTY [USE (=milk, as a verb, i.e. exploit) in HOP (=bound, as a verb/noun, i.e. jump)] + ARTY (=cultured)
9 ERSE Hidden in “… writERS Especially …”; “used by” indicates hidden answer.
10 TARANTELLA [RAN (=organised) in TATE (=art venue, i.e. gallery in London)] + LLA (ALL=everybody; “doing the twist” indicates reversal)
11 PREACHINESS <m>ACHINE (=powerful group, as in the Communist machine; “deposing leader” means first letter dropped) in PRESS (=newspapers)
15 INDIE IN (=much favoured, i.e. popular, fashionable) + D (=daughter) + I.E. (=that is, id est in Latin)
16 WRITE DOWN Homophone of “right down” (=towards bottom of charts); “do you say?” is homophone indicator.
17 LANDSCAPE LANDS (=acquires, e.g. a job) + CAPE (=costume for Batman)
18 INDRA IN (=during) + DRA<w> (=game, as in no-score draw; “finally abandoned” means last letter dropped); Indra is the Hindu god of the firmament and of rain, hence “cause of rain”.
19 BRECONSHIRE *(ONE RICH SERB); “resettled” is anagram indicator; Breconshire was one of the thirteen historic counties of Wales.
23 SALVADORAN V (=five, in Roman numerals) in [SALAD (=leaves) + ORAN (=port in Algeria)]
24 OGRE Hidden in “…alsO GREedy…”; “to some extent” indicates a hidden answer; & lit.
25 EXPEDITION Double definition: EXPEDITION means “speed”, haste AND “journey”, outing.
26 FRET RE (=about) in FT (=daily newspaper, i.e. Financial Times)
1 CAERPHILLY *(<s>PHERICALLY); “slice top off” means first letter dropped; Caerphilly is an “item from cheeseboard” (=solution at 12)
2 SUSPENDING US (=the States) in SPENDING (=consumerism)
4 OMANI IN A MO (=shortly, i.e. abbreviation of “in a moment”); “turned up” indicates a vertical reversal.
5 SLATE MINE *(MAIN STEEL); “works” is anagram indicator and fits the surface reading of the clue perfectly.
6 PATISSERIES P<ies> A<nd> T<arts> (“first of all” means first letter only of each is used) + IS + SERIES (=order, i.e. sequence); & lit.
7 RILL <b>RILL (=fish; “headless” means first letter dropped)
8 YEAR YEAR<n> (=long (for), as a verb; “never-ending” means last letter dropped)
12 CHEESEBOARD *(OBESE) in *(CHE<d>DAR); “daughter‘s cut” means the “d” is dropped; “sort” and “fresh” are anagram indicators; & lit.
13 GOLDFINGER [OLD (=getting on, i.e. ageing) + F (=female)] in GINGER (=red, as of hair); the definition is “film villain”, from the James Bond film of the same name from 1964.
14 ENGAGEMENT Double definition: ENGAGEMENT is “one’s intended (=fiancé) to be part of this” AND “battle”, military action.
16 WEASEL OUT EASEL (=support, i.e. for artist) in [W (=wife) + OUT (=determined, as in “to be out to do something”)]
20 OTAGO O (=old) + *(GOAT); “wild” is anagram indicator; Otago is a region of New Zealand, located on the South Island.
21 ASHE A + SHE (=female); the reference is to the African-American tennis player Arthur Ashe, who won Wimbledon in 1975.
22 SLIP Double definition: SLIP is “cricketer”, i.e. one of the fielders next to the wicketkeeper AND decline, lapse, deteriorate.

6 Responses to “Independent 7,683 / Dac”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    A very clear blog, RatkojaRiku, for which thanks.

    The usual fine puzzle from Dac, with – as usual – the surface readings as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I couldn’t understand HOUSE PARTY or SALVADORAN, so thank you for those. LANDSCAPE and WEASEL OUT were stand out clues today.

  2. Mustyx says:

    Great puzzle from Dac as usual. Thanks, RatkojaRiki, for ‘Indra’ which I didn’t get. Everything else finished in 25 minutes.

  3. nmsindy says:

    Yes, the usual top quality puzzle from Dac. My favourites today were CAERPHILLY, PATISSERIES, YEAR and CHEESEBOARD. Many thanks, RatkojaRiku and Dac.

  4. flashling says:

    For some reason I struggled a bit with this unlike most Dacs, no complaints about the clues, just my brain not working I suspect. Thanks for the blog RatkojaRiku and of course Dac.

  5. walruss says:

    Very tasty fare. Bravo Dac, and COD is the nice anag at CAERPHILLY. Good stuff.

  6. Paul B says:

    I enjoyed today’s Dac as others seem to have done. But I always enjoy a good Dac, and Dac is always good.

    There’s the meticulous clueing, plus the silky-smooth surfaces – and also today, he cleverly hides those essential household items, RUG and URN, in his unches.

    Walruss: COD is fish, not cheese!

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