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Independent on Sunday 1111 by Glow-worm

Posted by flashling on 5th June 2011


Number 1111 but no obvious link I could see.


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Beelzebub 1110

Posted by Jed on 5th June 2011



1 Court giving year to unscrupulous character    CHANCERY CHANCER + Y

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Azed 2035

Posted by Andrew on 5th June 2011


I started doing this on Sunday morning while looking after my nearly-3-year-old grandson, unsurprisingly making not much progress, and didn’t get around to finishing it off until Saturday, when in my less distracted state it yielded with only a moderate amount of trouble. Good-quality clueing as always from Azed. As an experiment I’ve underlined the definition part of each clue below.

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Everyman Nº 3,374 (29 May)

Posted by PeterO on 5th June 2011


I found this distinctly easier than last week’s Everyman, with mostly simple wordplays, which should help if the range of your general knowledge does not coincide with the compiler’s. Read the rest of this entry »

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