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Beelzebub 1110

Posted by Jed on June 5th, 2011



1 Court giving year to unscrupulous character    CHANCERY CHANCER + Y

6 Pound snatched by poor, that’s clear   BALD L in BAD

9 Religious adherent following two lines of St Bridget?    HINDOO HIND and is it really OO for Bridget Bardot’s contours?

10 Snake turned white? Something in heredity    ELAPID PALE<  ID  id is a chromosome in Weissman’s theory

11 Scribbling legal document, South American political figure returned    WRITATIVE WRIT + EVITA<

13 Puts individual mark on salesperson I retrained    PERSONALISES (SALESPERSON I)*

15 Groom about to enter estate in Jamaica    PREEN RE  in  PEN

17 Further amendment? It’s evident in coin’s edge    RE-EDITING IT in REEDING

18 Scots misery about mistake in rubbish tax    WATER RATE (ERR in TAT)  in  WAE

21 High-flying as some final teams    IN ALT fINAL Teams    in altissimo (music)

22 Reuse chapter that’s abandoned – educational expert    SUPERTEACHER (REUSE CHAPTER)*

23 Falsehood in article sits awkwardly, provoking psychiatrists    ALIENISTS LIE in AN + (SITS)*

24 Local bloke’s chance curtailed: it’s fool’s gold    MUNDIC MUN + DIC[e]

25 Opera supplied openings in Rome  FEDORA FED + ORA    ora is plural of os (Latin)

26 Far parts of the  stream display various terrapins    EMYS far parts = last letters

27 Dog retains no little power with old paw    KEESHOND KEE[p]S + HOND


1 Token seats accommodating accepted Native Americans    CHIPPEWAS CHIP + A in PEWS

2 Source of winter survival: spreading of mulch and urea in bed primarily    HIBERNACULUM (MULCH UREA IN B[ed])*

3 Englishman abroad mostly matured in a New Zealand setting    ANGREZ GRE[w] in A NZ

4 Government officials put nothing in secret places    CORONERS O in CORNERS

5 Mentally disabled people are started at work    RETARDATES (ARE STARTED)*

6 Fabric tack round it after reflection BATISTE IT< in BASTE

7 Power is evident in American mimicry    APISM P IS in AM

8 Experience rise of wickedness: adrenalin pulsing, as one escapes    LIVE AND LEARN EVIL<  (ADRENAL[i]N)*

12 Benefit ignoring energy and distance in space    INTERSTICE INTER[e]ST + ICE

14 Play immediately shows pace after expression of sadness    SIGHTREAD SIGH + TREAD

16 Corrupts volume: starts deleting one note    VITIATES V + [in]ITIATES

17 Understand about colours? On the contrary – lays out garden again    RESEEDS SEE in REDS

19 Lout embodying British expression of defiance    YAHBOO B in YAHOO

20 Troublesome media manipulation ending in infamy    SPINY SPIN + [infam]Y


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