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Guardian Genius 95 / Lavatch

Posted by mhl on 6th June 2011


A very clever puzzle from Lavatch. Below I’ve set out the clues with the answers they directly lead to, and below that I’ll explain what has to be done to them to get the grid entries. In each, I’ve put in bold the definition part, and crossed out the word that should be ignored.

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Independent 7687 by Morph

Posted by NealH on 6th June 2011


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def, sp=spoonerism
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Guardian Quiptic 603 / Hectence

Posted by Big Dave on 6th June 2011

Big Dave.

While I really enjoyed this puzzle, I thought that many of the constructs and indicators were a bit too difficult for a Quiptic.  As with the previous Quiptic that I reviewed from this setter there were a lot of clues involving anagrams (11 out of 26).

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Guardian 25,341 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 6th June 2011


Monday morning and a fairly typical Rufus, I think, although the cryptic definitions are perhaps slightly less cryptic than usual and some double definitions are rather similar in meaning – but the surfaces are as smooth as ever. Thank you, Rufus, for a gentle start to the week.

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