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Financial Times 13,714 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on June 8th, 2011


A nice crossword today from Gozo with a good range of clues, some quite easy and some more tricky.  Something for everybody I thought.  I also learned quite a few interesting facts researching the solutions for the blog, click on the solutions for links to Wikipedia etc to find out more.

All the across solutions are drinks, mostly alcoholic but with a couple of soft drinks included for the driver.

Hold mouse over clue number to see clue, click a solution to see its definition.

5 GIMLET Anagram of G T and LIME – a gimlet is a cocktail made with gin and lime juice, shame it doesn’t also contain tonic otherwise this would have made for the perfect &Lit clue.
9 RIESLING LIES* inside RING (boxing stage)
10 STINGO STING (pungency) and O (love, zero tennis score)
12 VODKA DVOrAK* missing r= first letter of Rusalka
13 LAPHROAIG A PH (public house) inside GLORIA*
16 AQUAVIT Amateur has QUIT (to leave) outside Authorised Version (bible)
19 RETSINA cANISTER reversed (without top letter, overturned=anagram)
21 SHERRY SHE (female) R (runs, cricket) RY (railway)
25 SOAVE O (zero) inside SAVE (bar, all except)
26 PERNOD PER (for each) and DON (Spanish nobleman) reversed
27 CAMOMILE Monsieur and LIMO (car) reversed inside CE (Chuch of England)
28 TISANE rETSINA* (missing R=right)
29 NEAR BEER NEAR (close) and BEER (sounds like ‘bier’, a stand for a coffin) – shame that ‘beer’ is in both the clue and the solution
1 ARRIVE ARRIVistE (upstart missing 1st)
2 STEADFAST STEADy (firm, almost) FAST (firm)
3 NULLA NULL (void) A
4 HANDLES sounds like Handel’s
7 LINDA DonegaL IN DAnger
8 THOUGHTS THOUGH (admitting, admittedly) ThesiS (without the middle letters)
11 EPHA keEP HAlf
15 SAINT JOHN (SAT IN)* (agaony=anagram) and JOHN (slang for toilet) – St John is also known as the Beloved Desciple
18 CRACKPOT CRACK (drug, crack cocaine) and POT (container)
20 AMEN ME (Gozo) inside AN (indefinite article)
21 SAUSAGE AUS (Oz=Australia) indise SAGE (herb)
22 METEOR METE (limit) and OR (alternative) – the Gloster Meteor jet fighter
24 IDRIS I (one, Roman numeral) Daughter and SIR reversed
25 SCOUR Double definition


8 Responses to “Financial Times 13,714 by Gozo”

  1. Bryan says:

    Many thanks PeeDee and Gozo

    This was too tough for me and I was not confident about my guesses for NULLA, TISANE, and NEAR BEAR.

    Although I sensed the anagram fodder, LAPHROAIG was totally outside my ken.

    It’s evident that Gozo is overly fond of alcoholic drinks or otherwise how come that he is so knowledgeable?

  2. crypticsue says:

    I wouldn’t say I had had occasion to consume all the drinks listed in this excellent crossword from Gozo but I got them all quite quickly including spelling 13a correctly. Thanks to PeeDee for the explanations, especially for 29a which I took a guess at.

  3. Eileen says:

    Thanks PeeDee, for the blog, and Gozo, for a stimulating puzzle – Cheers!

    I don’t know what it says about me but I romped through most of the across clues, apart from NEAR BEER, which I’d never hear of, and wouldn’t have guessed, since ‘beer’ is in the clue – unfortunate, as PeeDee says.

    I can’t say I’ve tried absolutely all of them, either, and I’m not a whisky person but I did know how to spell [and pronounce!] LAPHROAIG, as it was one of my Scottish husband’s favourites.

    19ac is a reversal, rather than an anagram.

  4. PeeDee says:

    Thanks Eileen, I have corrected the blog.

  5. Abu Amaal says:

    Minor misprint at 6d (lieder)

  6. gnomethang says:

    An enjoyable if not overly difficult crossword from Gozo. I enjoyed the themed clues and managed to drag NEAR BEER from the back of my head. Thanks to GOZO and to PeeDee for the review.

  7. Paul B says:

    Mmm, peaty. That’s Laphroaig.

  8. financial solutions says:

    Very nice…good

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