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Independent 7,691/Phi

Posted by Ali on 10th June 2011


Smashing stuff as ever from Phi. Lovely surfaces and some great anagrams, particularly the &lit. at 6D. Clue of the day for me is 22A, which had one of those ‘ah, very good’ moments!

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Financial Times 13,716 / Gurney

Posted by shuchi on 10th June 2011


My first blog for Gurney. I found this very easy to solve, ideal for a beginner as a start into the world of cryptics (but not equally easy to annotate – the explanations for 2d and 29a eluded me for long).

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Guardian 25,345 – Chifonie

Posted by Andrew on 10th June 2011


I’ve been a bit harsh on Chifonie in the past because of his very straightforward and sometimes unchallenging style, usually involving lots of simple charades, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have easier puzzles once in a while, and I think he’d be a good setter for 21downs to cut their teeth on (more so than Rufus, perhaps). I actually found this slightly harder than usual to get started on, but once I had a few answers in it all came out nicely.

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