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Independent 7693 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on June 13th, 2011


Typical good Quixote puzzle, today, entertaining, varied, not too difficult, solving time 24 mins

* = anagram


1   POLIC(e)  Y (yard)

4 OB (old boy) UR (old city – of Sumer) in DATE  ie OBDURATE

9 E (English)  S (shilling) CU (copper – chemical symbol) D (old penny ie pre-decimalisation) O (0ld), all giving ESCUDO.    This was Portugal’s currency before it was replaced by the euro but it is still the name of the currency in a variety of places as the clue suggests.

10 PLATYPUS    play = frolic  t = time  p = quietly (music)  us

12 SAMARITAN    mar (ruin) I in Satan     good helper = Samaritan, originally from St Luke’s Gospel (New Testament)

13 EVICT     Hidden in ‘thE VICTory’.      I thought this was very well hidden and I did not spot it for ages, this was my favourite clue today along with 17 across

14 PRONOUNCEMENTS    Pronoun (maybe she, ie an example of a pronoun)    cements = fixes

17 WINDOW-SHOPPERS      My other joint favourite clue today with misleading context suggesting pop concerts tho it had nothing to do with that .(Pop shows drew in)* but it took a long time before I saw that.

20 HIND (back)  U (university)

22  LAEVULOSE      This was new to me so I was very glad Quixote gave a straightforward anagram ie (lose value)* – this was my last answer.

24 TRANSMIT   M (thousand) in transit (travel)

25 ADAGIO     leisurely or slow from music   ADA (girl) GI (US soldier) O (love)

26 PRESTIGE   P (quiet)  REST (period of relaxation) I  G (start to gain) E (energy)

27 Willy BRANDT  (former German Chancellor)    Misleading context suggesting the Chancellor of the Exchequer    brand (sword) t (tax initially)


1  PRESS-UP   (suppers)*   &lit, I guess

2 LOCUM    Col (Colonel) going upwards  U (superior) M (male)

3 CEDARWOOD    (a word)* in (code)*

5 BALANCE SHEET   (enables cheat)*      Got this on first run through which helped

6 UNTIE     aunties with ‘as’ removed ie unwanted

7 APPOINTEE   point (purpose) in ape (imitator) e (desire ultimately ie last letter)

8 ER (monarch) SAT (was on throne maybe)  Z (last character – in alphabet)

11 STONEWALLING     one (individual)  W (beginning to wangle)  all (everything) in STING (smart)

15 ORIENTATE       This was tricky and was my second last answer.    Football team (Leyton Orient, London team in lower divisions at present)  ATE (had)

16 EXPOUNDER    ex-pounder

18 STEP OUT    as this could cryptically make pets ie an anagram so ‘pets perhaps’

19 SHUT UP   HUT (shed) in SUP (drink)

21 U PSET    S (second) in pet (favourite) after U (University)

23 ORGAN    organising (making arrangements) less I (one) sing.

10 Responses to “Independent 7693 by Quixote”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, nms.

    A well-clued and enjoyable puzzle. My favourite today was PROUNOUNCEMENTS – obvious but not obvious to me until near the end. And LAEVULOSE as well – being a sugar it had to end in -OSE, but it needed all the other crossing letters to get it.

    Has anyone else been struggling to access the Indy crossword online in recent days?

  2. ele says:

    Thanks nms for the blog. Enjoyed the puzzle and did it quickly for me in around 45 mins so thanks Quixote. I liked PRONOUNCEMENTS too. To K’sD. I don’t do the Indy xword online as I usually buy the paper, but had no trouble getting to the webpage today to download it for doing on paper.

  3. canalonly says:

    there were problems last week Kathryn’s dad but they seem to have cleared up generally now

  4. lenny says:

    Thanks nms. This was quite a quick solve with a few minutes required at the end to get three recalcitrant answers. I had almost exhausted my synonyms for sword before I remembered the obscure Brand and Willy Brandt. Pronouncements was tricky, even with all the checkers and I was thrown by the She into seriously considering Pronouncerette until I successfully parsed the clue, which, on refection, is my favourite of the day. I finished with Laevulose which is a new word to me but I know that the Don likes to broaden our vocabularies. It had to be Laevulose but I was still a bit tentative about it because Lose appears unscrambled in the anagram.

  5. flashling says:

    Thanks NMS for confirming 17 otherwise quite easy for an Indy and of course Q for the puzzle.

  6. TRIALNERROR says:

    ele: I’m intrigued.How exactly do you ‘download’ the Independent crossword? I labouriously copy and paste using print-screen and Paint. Is there a quicker way?

  7. Gaufrid says:

    Download and install Crossword Solver from here:

    This program provides the facility to download and print the current day’s Indy.

  8. ele says:

    to TRIALNERROR@6 Gaufrid’s solution sounds great and I’m going to try it – I didn’t know that one. I am fortunate enough to have a proper layout program, InDesign, and I screenshot the bits of the x-word separately and load them into a prepared layout – so I can get it all on an A4 page. Slightly laborious and there’s a bit of repetition, but once set up it only takes a minute or two. You can do the same thing in a Word document but it won’t fit on one page.

  9. ele says:

    have downloaded xword solver. Now will probably spend the rest of the day finding out how it works!

  10. ele says:

    No probs – it’s brilliantly easy. I can recommend it to anyone who likes to solve the Indy crossword on paper but doesn’t get the paper.

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