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Inquisitor 1180: Football-Free Zone by Raich

Posted by HolyGhost on June 15th, 2011


Extra letters in the wordplay of across clues indicate how answers to down clues are to be entered. Seven letters have to be highlighted in the completed grid.
An 11×11 grid, and so not many clues … good news for a blogger? We’ll see.

Yeah … this needn’t detain us very long. Many clues solved on the first pass; lots of anagrams, 1a obviously proving very helpful. Before long it became clear that down answers had to have O removed before entry, and that the extra letters generated by across clues spelt KICK FOOTBALLS OUT. Short delay with some of the bottom right quadrant but the grid was soon filled.

Looked for CRICKET (seven letters) in the completed grid, but then found SEX IN PM centrally on the main diagonal. (Can’t recommend you Google “Sex in the afternoon”.)

Lots of definitions straight out of Chambers. Good for beginners. But pretty neat to have every Down answer including (at least) one O – and none in Across answers.

No. Answer Extra
9 RINGETTE I RING (=call) + ET (=and, Fr.) + TIE (=restrict)
11 TISRI C Hidden: (Augus)T IS CRI(tical)
12 WHIP K WHISK (=move rapidly and nimbly) with P(ower) for S(pecial)
13 CRASSLY F CRY (=bawl) around ASS (=stupid person) + FL(orida)
14 REDUX O REX (=king) around DUO (=pair)
16 DARTER O D(aughter) + [TO REAR]*
19 NEEZE T TEEN rev. around E(uropean) + Z(one)
20 TAXER B AB (=seaman) + EX (=formerly) rev. in TR (=Turkey)
23 MARINE A A(wful) + RAIN (=shower) in M(argat)E
25 NEALE L [LEAN]* + LE (=the, Fr.)
26 KLATSCH L (wee)K + STALL (=delay) rev. + CH(urch)
30 IN SE S SIN (=anger, say) + S(ever)E
31 TAMIL O TOIL (=struggle) around AM(erican)
33 DETERMINATE T DETER (=prevent) + MIN(ister) + TATE (=Gallery)
No. Answer   Wordplay
1 OUTTURN   [N(ew) U(niversity) TUTOR]*
2 NOMINEE   (e)N(trant) + OM (=Order of Merit) + IN + EE (=early English)
3 CONSIDER   CON (=prisoner) + SIDE (=arrogance) + R(esistance)
4 LORRE   [ROLE]* around (Ga)R(bo)
{Peter Lorre: The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, …}
6 NGOMA   G(ood) in [OMAN]*
7 ETHOS   E(vangelist) T(ests) H(is) O(wn) S(pirituality)
8 SEPOY   YES (=agreed) around OP (=work) rev.
10 TOILE   TE (=Lawrence initially) around OIL (=painting)
15 OXEN   EX (=Exodus, second book) rev. in ON (=Old Norse)
17 ATON   A (=one) + TON (=hundred)
{Aton a.k.a. Aten}
18 TOXAEMIA   [(g)OA(l) + TEAM IX]*
22 REVOLVE   OVER (=finished) rev. + (twe)LVE
24 ALONE   CLONE (=copy) with A(ccepted) for C(ompliance)
26 KIDDO   [DID OK]*
27 ASCOT   (m)ASCOT (=talisman)
28 SOLAR   SO (=very good) + A (=article) between L & R (=hands, Left & Right)
29 PAEON   PEON (=day-labourer, S.Am.) around A


2 Responses to “Inquisitor 1180: Football-Free Zone by Raich”

  1. Wil Ransome says:

    I liked this. The only worry was NEALE, which isn’t in Chambers except as a boy’s name at the back. It seemed that ‘boy’s calling’ indicated that it wasn’t the usual spelling of Neil. At least that’s what I thought.

  2. HolyGhost says:

    Wil – I too pondered over “chap’s calling”, and settled on “calling” being loosely synonymous with “name”.

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