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Independent 7,696/Mordred

Posted by Ali on 16th June 2011


This was a nice challenge from Mordred. Plenty of well-hidden definitions and neat wordplay , and a number of what seem to be trademark &lits.

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Guardian 25,350 – Araucaria

Posted by Andrew on 16th June 2011


I found it very hard to get started on this one, but once I’d got a few answers in it yielded steadily, with the exception of a phrase I’d never heard of at 1dn. This and three other expressions form a theme that is vaguely expressed by another answer. There are quite a few Araucarian liberties in this that rather annoyed me, including an outrageously vague “part” of a word in 19dn.

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Financial Times 13,721 / Bradman

Posted by Gaufrid on 16th June 2011


This was probably my quickest ever solve of one of Don’s puzzles in any of his incarnations. There was only one answer with which I was not familiar (3dn) but this was readily obtainable from the wordplay.

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Financial Times 13,711 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on 16th June 2011

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of June 4

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