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Enigmatic Variations 970: Suitably Abbreviated by Chalicea

Posted by Dave Hennings on June 18th, 2011

Dave Hennings.

Having just finished spending far too long tearing my hair out on Sabre’s latest Listener, it was a pleasant relief to tackle Chalicea’s first EV puzzle.

Correct letters of misprints spelt out a ‘suitably abbreviated’ quotation. I assumed that it would include a lot of shortened forms of words. There were also twelve clashes to resolve by entering the name of the ‘survivor’ … intriguing.

The quotation seemed to start RBET…, which looked like it could be ROBERT. Eventually the ‘full’ quotation emerged as (It is a far, fa)r better thing that I do than I have ever done. Charles Dickens from A Tale of Two Cities, and it looked as though the whole quotation needed to be shortened. The clashes gave either SYDNEY CARTON or CHARLES DARNAY in the main NW-SE diagonal (the final Y of Donnay wasn’t a clash). Carton was the alcoholic lawyer who finally passes himself off as Darnay and is guillotined in his place. Thus the quotation has also been guillotined by having its ‘head’ cut off, a novel device, I think (if you’ll pardon the pun).

A good puzzle from Chalicea. It is a shame that 17ac had sign instead of sighs (the deliberate misprint for sight). Another minor point is that ECHINI, the plural of ECHINUS, isn’t mentioned as such in Chambers (although, surprisingly, it’s acknowledged in the online version).

Solving time: 1¼ hours.

ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
X = misprints

1 R STAMNOS Sons around rug returning for a jaw in Ancient Greece (7)
SS (sons, ie two Ss) around [ON (for) MAT (rug)]<
6 B SAFARI Adult female in Indian dress in group on the lookout for feasts (6)
A (adult) F (female) in SARI (Indian dress)
11 E HYDE Stevenson’s villain’s name for green arba in London (4)
2 meanings: Stephenson’s villain & area in London
12 T ACADEMIC A canine amateur medic possibly one reaching for university (8)
A C (canine) A (amateur) + medic*
13 T REACTS Revealing each ace card too soon initially produces aces in return (6)
initials of Revealing Each Ace Card Too Soon
14 E TORERO Rushed round circuit to follow on foot in the arena (6)
TORE (rushed) + OR< [(logic) circuit]
15 R INAPT Stirred paint — not light for the occasion (5)
17 T EEN Even when contracted as they enable Mac’s sighs (3)
2 meanings
19 H MAT Little Matthew’s fair tangled mass on top (3)
2 meanings
21 I ECHINI English impertinently tackle independent prickly creatures loving in the sea (6)
E (English) CHIN (impertinently tackle) I (independent)
22 N ERITREA Mostly tired running about with Associate, laid down by the Red Sea (7)
TIRE(D)* + RE (about) + A (associate)
25 G DAFT Formless department near the stern of a ship (4)
D (department) + AFT (near stern of ship)
27 T EYESORE Nasty sighs — Eeyore’s distressed (7)
30 H EYED In a state of tension wasted thousand saving organ (4)
KEYED (in a state of tension) – K (thousand)
33 A EATABLE Endless meat and supply of food — fit for a merl (7)
(M)EA(T) + TABLE (supply of food)
36 T INLIER Leaderless airline struggled and shone standing out from the rest (6)
39 I IDE 30 reported one laving in freshwater (3)
sounds like EYED (clue 30ac)
40 D LEE Spenser’s river’s sheltered site (3)
2 meanings
41 O MURRE Tailless eel for diver from our shires (5)
MURRE(Y) (tailless eel)
43 T ABROAD A woman of doubtful morals, now in this country (6)
A + BROAD (woman of doubtful morals)
44 H ASPOUT Snake in the open gusting (6)
ASP (snake) OUT (in the open)
45 A REDESIGN Plan knew energids are faulty (8)
46 N SCAR Blemish on skid from cars crashing (4)
47 I TEASEL Twisted stelae in prickly thong that produces nap (6)
48 H OMNIETY Switching money it is a condition of saving the lot, occasionally (7)
1 A CHROMES Church with Rome’s costs using metal (7)
CH (church) + ROME
2 V THEE Bard’s thrice including man in heart of octett (4)
HE (man) in TE (heart of ocTEtt)
3 E ADDITIVE Advertisement finally produced one SE Nigerian leader of exploration — an extra to enhance patrol (8)
AD (advertisement) + D (finally produceD) + I (one) + TIV (SE Nigerian) + E (leader of Exploration)
4 E NATAL Native adult lion — primarily related to one’s roar (5)
NAT (native) + A (adult) + L (Lion, primarily)
5 V SCATH Scare away Henry as poet’s hurt with herbal abuse (5)
SCAT (scare away) + H (henry)
7 E ADORNS Difficulties surrounding navy docks (6)
ADOS (difficulties) around RN (navy)
8 R FERVID Torpid French dive poorly (6)
[FR (French) DIVE]*
9 D AMEER Prince, say, in Rubai active and pure earlier (5)
A (active) + MEER (old word for pure)
10 O ICONS Meuse may activate these international swindles (5)
I (international) CONS (swindles)
14 N TRIPOD Staid drug experience before overdose (6)
TRIP (drug experience) + OD (overdose)
16 E RATE Spend last half of old Italian currency note (4)
RA (last half of liRA) + TE (note)
18 C ENFOLD Embrave following when death surrounds (6)
FOL (following) surrounded by END (death)
20 H ARGYLE Rose in Scottish design largely created without one hint of love (6)
(LARGELY)* – one L (hint of Love)
23 A YELLED Bowled — brought to the ground with opener replaced by unknown (6)
FELLED (brought to the ground) with Y for its first letter
24 R ACE A chief engineer’s first mate (3)
A + CE (chief engineer)
26 L AMBIENCE Accessories in art paid out money well to French when expert’s around (8)
ACE (expert) around M (money) BIEN (French for well)
28 E EAST In the direction of sun risk experiencing abnormally scorching temperatures initially (4)
first letters of Experiencing Abnormally Scorching Temperatures; unlike this year!!
29 S RE-ENTRY Concerning space attempt and spaceship’s return to earthy atmosphere (7, hyphenated)
RE (concerning) EN (space) TRY (attempt)
31 D DIDOES Days including party and capers one toes for fun (6)
DIES (days) including DO (party)
32 I ENCASE Lone network computer in a state of rest (6)
NC (network computer) in EASE (state of rest)
34 C CLART Murk up north, cloudy latitude including a bit of rain (5)
C (cloudy) + LAT (latitude) including R (bit of Rain)
35 K ZERDA Beast not normally a pacy animal found in leaderless group of animals in South Africa (5)
(H)ERD (group of animals) in ZA (South Africa)
37 E IMAGO Final stage for e.g. lousy character in tragedy about Malta (5)
IAGO (character in tragedy) about M (Malta)
38 N ARSON Maliciously burying headless priest (5)
(P)ARSON (priest)
42 S AUNT Pleasure trips without limits for parent’s sitter (4)
(J)AUNT(S) (pleasure trips)


3 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 970: Suitably Abbreviated by Chalicea”

  1. Jake says:

    Thanks for the blog, I agree, this was rather welcoming and just the right level for Sunday. Nice one Chalicea!

  2. Tony says:

    It wouldn’t be Enigmatic Variations without a typo in the clues. A good puzzle and the clash of the two names with one taking the place of the other was very neat.

  3. chalicea says:

    Thank you for the generous comments here and elsewhere! Onus is ultimately on the setter to check the final proofs so I was both guilty and distressed about the error that had crept into this, my very first EV, and thought solvers were very kind to ignore or tolerate it.

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