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Azed 2037/missing blog

Posted by ilancaron on June 19th, 2011

No longer under construction… but nonetheless a bit unfinished.  Gaufrid had to remind on Sunday evening that I was a bit late with the blog — so I scrounged around for the BRB to spend an hour or so of quality time with it.  This is the result — with a lot of help from my (virtual) friends.
10 A,CHARNE[l] – furious battles (Fr)
11 VO(L)AR – [of] palm and VOAR is spring in the Orkneys
12 CRIT – hidden in Thecritus
14 CUP,RIC[h] – coppery
18 SANTERIA – Erastian* – Caribbean religion
19 RO(C)H – C for contralto in R[oyal] O[pera] H[ouse] and it’s a roc.
20 D,ALLES – rapids in the US (there’s a Google data center in The Dalles, next to a river for hydroelectrity) and too bad it wasn’t a down clue then the wordplay could have been Deutschland Uber Alles.
22 A,CHA[r]GE – aching according to Tennyson and ref. his Charge of the Light Brigade.
25 LE(A)T – a trench for bringing water to a millwheel which happens to be an archaic meaning of race as well.
26 P(RIM)ROSE – Spenserian “choicest” indeed and PROSE is defined as “verse? Not that”.  Whatever.
31 OVARIOLE – (oil over a)* – “one of the egg-tubes forming an insect’s ovary”
32 VIVE[r][s] – vivers = Scots food and VIVE = Scots lively
33 SEGOL – rev(loges=boxes) and the therefore sign looks  a single dot over 2 dots and the Hebrew segol diacritical looks like an upside version thereof.  Is this what Azed meant?
34 LONGS IN – not sure why? gentle reader? LONG,SIN – archaic ” for a long time in the past” and LONGS=trousers, IN-stocked. Thanks Brian.
35 T(RA,NSEPT)ATE – RA,spent* in TATE (gallery)

1 BACCA,R,A – the card game baccarat and bacca I guess is short for (the) baccalaureate exam and Charles was a king=R.
2 SCRUB – three meanings
3 CHIPOC,H,IA – fool (Shak.)
4 TRU(IS)M[pets]

5 LEG(END)IST – I omitted this accidentally from my first draft.  Thanks Bob for pointing this out.

6 E,VET – archaic eft. E=earth.

7 BON(SELL)A – SA tip.  I had incorrect wordplay: it’s SELL in BONA (goods). Thanks Bob again.

9 TRE[at],W – archaic true=no longer faithful
15 CAME,O,ROLE – small part (thus small chance to shine)
16 OR(LEAN,IS)T – ref. French royalist supporter
17 CHAMFRON – H in (form can)* – semi-&lit since it really does protect a horse’s head
21 STELENE – wordplay? STE(L)EN,E where STEEN is to line with stone or brick. Thanks Manu
23 C,RAVER – beggar
24 GERENT – archaic ruler – hidden in “danger entertains”.
27 C,AVIE[more] – Scots (hen) run.  C=cloudy I guess (though Chambers has cc) and ref. Aviemore is a ski centre I suppose in the highlands.
28 WOST – (Spenserian) wit: twos=pairs -> wost
29 PILS – rev(slip) – as in Pilsner.

12 Responses to “Azed 2037/missing blog”

  1. AJK says:

    This was a tough one for me. I often find that the non-comp ‘plains’ are more difficult. Perhaps AZED tries out tougher clues?
    At least, managed to finish today’s offering, after being lead astray at one point.

  2. Norman Hall says:

    Alas, I lost have my copy with the clues in.
    But one of the answers is VIVE[R][S]
    Vive is a Scottish word for lively
    Vivers is a Scottish word for food.

    [Obviously an attempt to get us to put LIVE[R]{S])

    A roch is a Little Auk.

    Norman Hall

  3. Brian with an eye says:

    I couldn’t finish this and got quite annoyed by it too. Just too wilfully obscure too often. However, I can explain 33. It’s LONG SIN Spenserian (again!) for a long time ago (listed in Chambers under sin) and the play is LONGS = trousers and IN = stocked.

  4. Brian with an eye says:

    Oh, and in 1d I think it’s BAC for baccalaureate + CAR for Charles (short for Carolus) + A.

  5. Manu says:

    Does 34 across has anything to do with LONG SINCE (ages in the past), the -CE bit having to be removed? (in which case the -CE bit would have to mean NOW – “not now” – but I can’t see why, so my theory is probably all wrong)

  6. Manu says:

    21 down : STELENE = like a slab
    to STEEN = to line with stone or btick (
    L = left
    E = end of grave
    STE (L) EN – E

  7. Manu says:

    * brick

  8. Manu says:

    * Does 34 across HAVE ……..

    Sorry, it’s Monday morning :)

  9. Thomas99 says:

    Re 34 – as the Chambers defintion (under Sin) is “for a long time in the past”, I think “for ages in the past” must be the definition, and “(but not now)” Azed’s helpful indication that the phrase is obsolete.

  10. David Mansell says:

    Re 34 “now” is the Christian Era = CE which is subtracted from “SINCE” to give “SIN”.

  11. Bob Sharkey says:

    My view of 34 is simply ‘longs’ = ‘trousers’, ‘in’ = ‘stocked’ as a shop assistant might say. My parsing was – i.e. ‘longs in'; ref sin(2)

    The review omits 5D LEGENDIST (END in LEGIST)

    Re 7D BONSELLA I believe this should be SELL in BONA

  12. sidey says:

    #10 You are over complicating it, ‘not now’ simply means it is an obsolete phrase.

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