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Independent on Sunday 1,113 by Hypnos

Posted by Uncle Yap on June 19th, 2011

Uncle Yap.

A month ago, I blogged Hypnos and found the setter quite entertaining. June’s offering is just as varied with a couple of hard-boiled eggs as befits a prized puzzle.

1 COMPACT dd a compact is a small case containing face powder for carrying in the handbag
5 HAPLESS Ins of L (lecturer) in *(PHASE) + S (last letter of students)
10 STAG dd a single (unmarried) male, as in one who attends a stag party.  The Stags is the nickname for Mansfield Town Football Club, and a player could be a wing or a forward or a back.
12 TENNER Sounds like TENOR (singer)
13 FANDANGO Cha of FAN (fan) DAN (chap) GO (energy)
14 COUP D’ETAT ins of *(DEPUTy) in COAT (see 11)
16 RIDER RAIDER (aggressive figure) minus A
17 SPILL S (small) PILL (tablet)
19 LIGHTEN UP *(THIS PLUNGE minus S, last letter of adroitness)
23 LONE WOLF Ins of NEW (reformed) in LOO (toilet or John) L (Latin) F (fellow)
24 LATVIA Ins of A TV (television set) in LIA (rev of AIL, trouble)
26 DEBAUCHERY Ins of ebauche (draft from French) in DRY (term used to describe hardline Conservative, as opposed to the wets who are moderate)
27 IRON Actor is Jeremy Irons minus s (special)
28 ST LEGER Ins of T (first letter of Triumphs) + LEG (in cricket, a side … the other being OFF) in SER (series)
29 ANATOMY (7)

2 ON THE GO Ins of THE G (government) in Yoko ONO (John Lennon’s widow)
3 PAGAN P (past) AGA (Turkish leader) N (last letter of westerN)
4 COTERIE Ins of O (old) + *(RITE) in Church of England
6 ARCANE Ins of CAN (preserve) in ARE (rev of ERA, time)
7 LUCRATIVE L (line) + CURATIVE (healing agent) with U brought to the front
8 SPANGLE SP (starting price or odds) ANGLE (corner) During my student days in the 70’s, I used to work in betting shops as a board boy, writing down the odds as they were called and recording the result of each race, all for the princely sum of 5 pound an afternoon. During my last visit to the UK, I found that boardboys have been made redundant, replaced by TV sets (sigh)
9 SELF-SATISFIED *(aide less stiff)
15 PILFERAGE cd to lift as in shop-lifter
18 PROJECT PRO (for) + ins of C (first letter of crew) in JET (plane)
20 HALCYON Ins of CY (Cyprus) in HALON (compound)
21 UNIFORM UNI (university) FORM (as in Sixth Form)
22 TOUCHE TOUCH (sense) E (first letter of essay) claiming or acknowledging a hit in fencing, or a point scored in argument
25 TWIST dd Oliver is the Dickensian character

Key to abbreviations
dd = double definition
dud = duplicate definition
tichy = tongue-in-cheek type
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

One Response to “Independent on Sunday 1,113 by Hypnos”

  1. superkiwigirl says:

    Many thanks, Uncle Yap, for your blog – as usual, your explanations are not only instructive but highly entertaining.

    I struggled to parse a number of clues here, even though they were perfectly fair: thus, I didn’t know the connection between STAG and Mansfield Town (yet the football connection was perfectly signposted with the word “back”); “EBAUCH” was a new one on me (even though I live in France!); the penny didn’t drop as regards “ONO” in 2d, where I was looking for a way to somehow justify the loss of the letter “v” from GO(V); and 3d was another where I just couldn’t see how the solution was arrived at.

    Incidentally, Uncle Yap you haven’t given the parsing of 29a (which is Ins of ATOM= small matter in ANY =some.


    There is also a small typo I think (maybe a subliminal slip?) in your intro where you refer to this as a “prized puzzle” – Hypnos will be delighted by this I’m sure, and I can’t help but agree actually – it really is very entertaining, and I look forward greatly to the next one from this Setter.

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