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Guardian 25,353 / Rufus

Posted by Gaufrid on 20th June 2011


The scheduled blogger has gone AWOL so here is an analysis of the clues. I didn’t solve this puzzle (I have just parsed the clues from the published solution) and so cannot comment on its difficulty, enjoyability etc (I’ll leave that to others) but it did strike me that there was a lot of blurring of the edges when it came to some of the double/cryptic definitions.

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Independent 7699/Klingsor

Posted by Pierre on 20th June 2011


Bonjour!  And there’s a bit of that going on today, as you’ll discover if you read on …

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Guardian Quiptic Nº 605 by Arachne

Posted by PeterO on 20th June 2011


Another Arachne quiptic for me to blog, which suits me very well; her clues are elegant and smoothly surfaced. There are a few general knowledge references which may not be so general, but that’s what Wikipedia is for. Read the rest of this entry »

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Private Eye/Cyclops 445 – Disgraced leaders

Posted by beermagnet on 20th June 2011


I found I had only 8 to go after the first pass so I suppose this was easier than usual.  That’s enough blather – let’s have a look at the detail:

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