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Private Eye/Cyclops 445 – Disgraced leaders

Posted by beermagnet on June 20th, 2011


I found I had only 8 to go after the first pass so I suppose this was easier than usual.  That’s enough blather – let’s have a look at the detail:

How do you know when you meet a dyslexic yorkshireman? …

1 ACT OF UNION Formalised shagging is what brought nations together (3,2,5)
Double Def. One most usually referring the Act of 1707 that created Great Britain.
7/27 WEAK SPOT It’s vulnerable, sex, in the grip of degraded drug (4,4)
Def: It’s vulnerable. I thik the wordplay is S[ex] inside WEAK (degraded) POT (drug).
This was the last answer I entered alonside 14D, mainly because I didn’t believe Cyclops would leave two SPOTs crossing like that.
9 PIRANHAS They’ve quite a bite, Parisian strays – hard for one (8)
(PARISIAN -I + H[ard])* AInd: Strays.  Def referring to the sharp toothed carniverous South American fish
10 REMAIN Carry on Nurse’s middle bit has Cyclops arse over tip, in a spin (6)
[nu]R[se] ME< (Cyclops arse over tip) (INA)* AInd: spin. Def. Carry on. One of the more convoluted bits of wordplay here.
11 OBTAIN Get over personal problem on receiving head from Archer in can (6)
Def. here is just: Get. Wordplay: BO< (over personal problem) A[rcher] inside TIN So very nice misdirection in that clue.
12 STEALTH Knock off Tory leader? Hague’s first when it comes to sneakiness (7)
STEAL (Knock off) T[ory] H[ague] Def: sneakiness
13/15 COLONEL GADDAFI He rules from a compound mixture of dealing – clod, oaf! (7,7)
(DEALING CLOD OAF)* AInd: mixture. Apt def.
17 IN STYLE Pigs at home here? “Kettle (right flank) smartish!” (2,5)
IN STY (Pigs at home here) [kett]LE Interesting use of “right flank” to indicate the rightmost (approx.) third of the subject word.
19 URINARY Describes one role of prick from university reorganising Ryanair, having no answer (7)
U[niversity] then (RYANAIR – A)* AInd: reorganising.
22 CHENNAI Canine screwed, eating hot Madras once (7)
(CANINE H)* AInd: screwed. How could we forget Madras is now called Chennai
23 SHABBY Keep your mouth shut, baby, being devious, Ken Clarke style? (6)
SH (Keep your mouth shut) (BABY)* AInd: Being devious. Def refers to the sartorial elegance of Ken Clarke
25 BUMPER Dubya half wants Cameron to turn on Brenda – great! (6)
BU[sh] (Dubya half) PM< (Cameron to turn) ER (Brenda) Def: great!
26 WET DREAM Climactic reverie of one of Maggie’s despised ministers? (3,5)
CD referring to the fact that many of the less right wing senior Tories under Mrs Thatcher were known as “Wets”
28 NATIONWIDE Certainly not parochial dancing i.e. to Ann Wid—— (10)
(I.E. TO ANN WID —)* AInd: dancing. Felt a bit short changed here because cutting off Widdie’s name meant the 10 letters of anagram fodder (and indicator) were obvious.
2 CLIMB DOWN Tip of clap-ridden member blue? Withdraw! (5,4)
C[lap] LIMB (member) DOWN (blue)
3 OBAMA Blowjob, amazingly, is too much for a follower of Clinton (5)
Hidden in BlowjOB AMAzingly Whole clue yet again referring to last centruy’s Clinton / Lewinsky frenzy (yawn)
4 UNHINGE Hiding core of penis in huge rocks to send someone crazy (7)
([pe]N[is] IN HUGE)* AInd: rocks.
5 INSIST Sex covers a variety of sins, so be firm (6)
(SINS)* AInd: a variety of. inside IT (sex) Def: be firm
6 NOREIGA I love Reagan deviously dropping a disgraced leader (7)
(I O REAGAN – A)* AInd: deviously. Def: Disgraced leader. This one (one of the few who might end up spending an appropriate spell in the chokey)
7 WIMBLEDON Was successful restraining Lib Dem movement (the black hole of British hopes?) (9)
(LIB DEM)* AInd: movement. inside WON (Was successful). Def is a CD. (“Come on Tim!”)
8 APISH Stupid as a primate (5)
Double Def. An odd word that coincidentally appeared in the Indy the same day I tackled this one.
14 ON THE SPOT Equal to the occasion? No, vague and waffling, a politician so put! (2,3,4)
Double Def.
16 FIREBRAND The sort of energetic type to get Russell off the air? (9)
Def + Cryptic Def. from FIRE (get … off the air) (Russell) BRAND
18 LONG RUN In which, eventually, only half of London Games initially organised (4,3)
LON[don] G[ames] RUN (Organised)
20 RISOTTO Item on Berlusconi’s plate: bending to pointless Tories? (7)
(TO TORIES – E)* AInd: bending. The point of pointless is East in this case.
21 NITWIT Doin’ it with accommodating jerk (6)
Hidden in doiN’ IT WITh. Hidden indicator: Accommodating
22 CHUMP Stink suppressed by Communist Party (the thick end) (5)
HUM (stick) inside CP (Communist Party)
24 ARROW Shaft Woody’s ex? F-off! (5)
[f]ARROW Ref: Mia Farrow – serial adopter and acrimonious ex-wife of Woody Allen

… he’s got a cat flap on his head

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 445 – Disgraced leaders”

  1. Bamberger says:

    I got a a good 3/4 out quite quickly then after getting soem more out, I got completely stuck on 8d and 10a.

    For 8d I had a???h and for 10a r?m??.

    Eventually I thought I might as well try apish though I thought apeish would be like a primate.

    That left r?m?i? which I was convinced didn’t have anything that fitted.

    Gave up and used a solver on the PE crossword for the first time in over three years.

  2. Jon88 says:

    I had a moment with 22a — seems to me that Chennai is Madras *now*. As the clue would not have been affected by the use of that word, it seemed like an unnecessary awkwardness.

  3. pajodr says:

    Jon88 – I took ‘once’ in 22a to mean answer is what Madras was called once(as in ‘once upon a time’)

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