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Financial Times 13725 Neo

Posted by scchua on 21st June 2011


This was a relaxing puzzle with which to restart blogging.  All straightforward, and perhaps made easier by quite a few anagrams (9 answers which are complete anagrams).  Got off to a roaring start with 1A, 1D and 8D, 3 out the 4 long ones, and that helped tremendously.  Some excellent surfaces, like 12A, 14D, 15D, 17D, 21A.  Thanks Neo.

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Independent 7700/Radian

Posted by John on 21st June 2011


A very good crossword from Radian today, with 5dn as its theme, which appears in some form in many of the answers and clues. I find these crosswords where there is a large amount of linking between the clues rather difficult to get started on, because one doesn’t know what on earth is going on until one has cracked the theme. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 25,354 – Arachne

Posted by Uncle Yap on 21st June 2011

Uncle Yap.

Another delightful Tuesday morning spent unravelling Arachne’s exquisite blend of teasers. Lots of entertainment value.

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