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Independent 7700/Radian

Posted by John on June 21st, 2011


A very good crossword from Radian today, with 5dn as its theme, which appears in some form in many of the answers and clues. I find these crosswords where there is a large amount of linking between the clues rather difficult to get started on, because one doesn’t know what on earth is going on until one has cracked the theme.

1 PROPRIETOR — since 23 is REPORT, it’s pro (report)* with I inside — Rupert Murdoch is the proprietor of many newspapers etc — ‘submitted’ strikes me as a rather doubtful inclusion indicator
7 CLIP — clip as in ‘at a fast clip’, and CLI pence is just over £1.50
9 BLUE — the definition is ‘unhappy’ and a blue print is a blueprint which is a model
13 MENSWEAR — (E (news)*) in (ram)rev.
15 I{ndy}R{ake} O{ver} N{ewsworthy}
17 THIN{g}
19 H(O T(S)T)UFF — very nice and clever clue, excellent surface, with T = time, so that Times = TT
22 K NICKERS — since 13 is ‘menswear’, knickers are unlikely to be menswear; possible, but unlikely
25 L(ICEN({Wes}T)I)ATE — difficult I thought, my last one in, made harder for two reasons: the word was rather unfamiliar and I wasn’t (still am not) sure that an evening edition is a late: certainly it’s a late edition, but just a late?
26 POST — since 24 is PAPER, the Washington paper is the Washington Post
27 {p}AG{e} {n}IN{e}
28 PRESSURISE — 3 is PRESS, then u rise
2 RELEASE — 2 defs
3 PRESS — sorry, help needed here: the def is certainly 15, which is IRON, but I can’t see where Anne fits in: Princess Anne is the Princess Royal, which is PR, but that’s not the whole story if indeed it is even part of it
5 THE FOURTH ESTATE — the def is 3, which is PRESS, and it’s the(four)the state, but I’m not entirely happy with the apostrophe at the end of ‘articles’, which is only there for the surface and seems to spoil the wordplay
6 RESID{u}E — I think, although how u = upstart I’m not quite sure
7 COMPLAINT — (mail NOP)* in ct
8 IN LIMBO — M{ephisto} in (boilin{g})*, &lit.
14 SUN S(CR)EEN — The Sun is a red-top
16 STAR LETS — def ‘these to …’ and The Star is another red-top
20 FORESTS — sources of paper and F(o res)T, where ‘res’ is the Latin word for thing or affair
21 RED-TOP — a red-top is a paper; Neil Kinnock is red-haired; if a man is bald and goes out into the sun with no 14 (= sunscreen) he’ll get a red top
24 PAPER — an &lit., with (a PE) in PR, where PR is the exercise in spin

9 Responses to “Independent 7700/Radian”

  1. caretman says:

    Thanks for the blog, John, and explaining LICENTIATE. I completely missed ICENI and so failed to parse it and could enter it only since it was the only word that could fit. I can help with 3d. It’s ‘perhaps Anne’ = PRINCESS and ‘not included’ means remove INC. Like you, this took me a while to get started but once I got 24d it started to fall out fairly steadily. My last in was 7a but also my favorite clue of the day. Thanks to Radian for a fun puzzle the day I return from vacation.

  2. caretman says:

    Oh, and for 6d, U is the start of ‘up’, so it can be considered ‘upstart’. A rather sneaky bit of wordplay on that.

  3. walruss says:

    A very enjoyable puzzle today, and I don’t mind the odd puzzle with lots of links. The Grauniad used to do this quite frequently in the good old days, and I alweays enjoyed those run-outs. As I say a lot of fun, with CLIP my fave too. Raidan even got the Roman numeral evaluation right!!

  4. Thomas99 says:

    24d is a double clue, isn’t it?
    One exercise in spin = A + PE in PR
    and also
    Appears maybe topped and tailed = Anagram (“maybe”) of (a)PPEAR(s)

    And it’s an &lit, as you say.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Yes, this was an impressive themed puzzle, well done, Radian, to fit so much in. Esp liked BLUE, POST, SUNSCREEN, STARLETS, HANGING. Thanks for the blog, John.

  6. flashling says:

    A very fine lunchtime solve, thank you Radian and John of course. Looks like all you queries have been answered already and had the same thought about 24d as Thomas99

  7. lenny says:

    I initially found this quite irritating as I chased the circular references but eventually it settled down into a satisfying solve with some ingenious clueing. I finished with Clip, which gave me more of a Grrr moment than Ah moment. I preferred the linked Menswear and Knickers.

  8. NealH says:

    The internet was down at work, so I didn’t look at this till 8 pm and was mighty relieved that it wasn’t one of the trickier Tuesday offerings. I missed the fact that Kinnock was red-haired – I always thought of him as just bald. 3 down lost me, but then I’m not a royalist. Licentiate was the last one in – I was just about to give up in despair at having to think of an extinct people when Iceni occurred to me.

  9. Graham Pellen says:


    NealH@8 – not sure why people need to parade their republican sentiments, entirely irrelevant as he is not presumably meaning that he therefore did not know of the Princess Royal’s existence or status.

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