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Azed 2038: The broad is leaving the church

Posted by jetdoc on June 26th, 2011


With my cruciverbal workload having increased recently, I have to make this my final Azed blog for the foreseeable future. It was a good one to go out on, with some clever and varied wordplay. I solved most of it pretty quickly, but needed to check in Chambers quite a lot of what I had provisionally worked out. I was held up for a while working out the wordplay at 29a.

Thanks to all of you Azed solvers who have commented on my blogs.

1 BLACK SKIPJACK Pontoon containing large container for tuna
BLACKJACK = pontoon (card game); SKIP = large container. Black skipjack
10 ROXANE One tragically loved from afar, near distraught about love kiss
*(near); O = love; X = kiss. The inamorata of Cyrano de Bergerac
12 NERVURE Rib from Edward the Fifth found in damaged urn, English
ERV = Edward the Fifth; *(urn); E = English. A leaf-vein; a chitinous strut or rib supporting and strengthening an insect’s wing; a rib of a groined vault
13 OGAM Early inscription carved in log, amorous
Hidden in ‘log amorous’. An ancient alphabet used in Celtic and Pictish inscriptions, its letters consisting of sets of parallel lines meeting or crossing a base line (the corner of the stone monument often serving as the base line); any of its twenty characters; an inscription in this alphabet
14 SEVEN-DAY Home counties sale, always for a week
SE = Home counties; VEND = sale; AY = always. Definition: for a week
15 SKIPPER Sleep rough, being in charge of vessel
Double definition — to sleep rough in barns, etc; a ship’s captain
17 DAIS Spoke with outsiders in exchange? It gives orator a lift
‘SAID’ with the outside letters swapped over.
19 HARTEN The old encourage painting etc in one who’s timid
ART = painting etc; in HEN = one who’s timid. Spenserian form of ‘hearten’
20 PARNASSUS Ran wild? It’s captured by section of poem in anthology
*(ran); in PASSUS = a section of a poem or story, a canto or fit. A mountain in Greece, sacred to Apollo and the Muses; a collection of poems
22 HAIDUK Brigand controlled this kingdom round heart of China
HAD = controlled; UK = this kingdom; I = heart of China. Haiduk
25 CLOU Garment tenor finally removed, becoming focus of attention
CLOU[t] (as in ‘ne’er cast a clout’. The main point of interest, the centre of attraction; a dominant idea.
26 SPECIES Eucharistic element that is kept in glasses
IE = that is; in SPECS
28 RINGTAIL Trailing at sea? Light sail raised abaft
29 BAST What makes bed dry (when spread)? Fibre matting
B as T transforms ‘bed’ into ‘ted’, to spread (new-mown grass) for drying. Bast fibre
30 CRUBEEN Pig’s trotter, raw (as the French have it) with e.g. haricot, we hear?
CRU = raw, in French; BEEN = “bean”. An Irish food made of boiled pigs’ feet, traditionally eaten using one’s fingers. No thanks!
31 KILTER Regardless of care, claret in vat that’s in good condition
LT = ‘claret’ minus ‘care’; KIER = a bleaching vat.
32 HETEROGENEITY Not exactly eighteen yet, or … being in different parts
*(eighteen yet), with ‘Not exactly’ as the anagram indicator
1 BROAD-CHURCH Liberally non-exclusive statesman loses badly in pursuit of crumpet?
CHURCH[ill]; after BROAD = crumpet (both slightly off-colour terms for an attractive woman).
2 LOG-SAW Buzzing centre of Innisfree aglow — essential for cabinbuilder
*(S aglow), S being the centre of Innisfree
3 CAMISADE Night raid in dark reached environs
Quite tricky wordplay here — I got the answer because I knew the word from crosswords over the years, and worked backwards.
I = in; SAD = dark; in CAME = reached. ‘Environ’ can be used as a verb, meaning ‘surround’. Camisade
4 KNOP Loop in thread? There’s work replacing it in weave
OP = work, replacing the IT in KNIT
5 KNEECAPPING Monarch accepts wretched p-penance (not new), form of torture
KING = monarch; surrounding (accepting) *(p-peance)
6 PRE-WASH Line from Spenser retained in head once — early part of a cycle?
REW = Spenserian ‘row’; PASH = head (in Shakespeare). Part of a cycle in a washing machine.
7 AUDITS Examinations I sat, worried about university degree
*(I sat); U = university; D = degree
8 CRAKE Raven, its head stuck in cattle food?
R = head of ‘raven’; in CAKE = cattle food. ‘A crow, raven; a corncrake; a croak; the cry of the corncrake’
9 KEY INDUSTRY Lock (old) on major river put to the test — it’s important for nation’s economy
KEY = to lock or fasten with a key (obsolete); INDUS = major river; TRY = put to the test
11 ESPY Stumble on, eyes partly losing what’s central to each
EyeS PartlY — each word loses its central letters.
Another bit of wordplay that might take a bit of working out.
16 CRUCIBLE Miller’s work, grinding rice with club
*(rice club). Wonderful play by Arthur Miller
18 GRUNTER Sow maybe protecting her smallest offspring in tent of skins
RUNT = smallest piglet in the litter; GER = in Mongolia, another name for a yurt
20 PIGNUT Woodland umbellifer, place to put disguised gin in
PUT = place; *(gin). Conopodium_majus
21 COSSET Take special care of lettuce plant
COS = type of lettuce; SET = plant
23 AFIRE What’s inflamed anti-Gaddafi revolution in part?
Hidden in ‘anti-Gaddafi revolution
24 YELK Line coming up, catwalk’s last — it was enveloped in white
YEL = Ley [line], reversed; K = last letter of ‘catwalk’. An old word for the yolk of an egg.
27 CAIN Farm produce as rent I kept in tin
I in CAN. In Scotland and Ireland, rent paid in kind, esp in produce from a tenanted farm; tribute.

4 Responses to “Azed 2038: The broad is leaving the church”

  1. AJK says:

    I found this one tough (as the non-comp plains seem to be), failing on HARTEN (which I couldn’t find in Chambers) and CAMISADE.

    Thanks for the informative blog.

  2. sidey says:

    Thank you for for all your blogs (I do wish there was a better word for them) jetdoc.

    Despite getting CAMISADE and BAST I needed your explanations.

  3. RCWhiting says:

    Thanks all
    Azed is never easy (thankfully) and this wasn’t.
    I didn’t parse BAST although bed and ted were familiar.
    Last letter in (several days after the rest) was the’E’ in ‘camisade’.
    There is an alternative, ‘camisado’ with the same meaning and until I managed to parse the clue I didn’t know which was correct.
    Just a bit of pedantry, jetdoc,you have a superfluity of t in 25ac.
    I liked 18d.

  4. Iqbal says:

    AZED 2038 was titled “The broad is leaving the church” and its your last blog, a nice coincidence.

    Thank you jetdoc


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