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Everyman No. 3377 (19th June)

Posted by The Trafites on June 26th, 2011

The Trafites.

Lorraine:  Good morning all,

I will be away in Malta so will not be able to respond to any comments this week but look forward to reading them when I get home.

Phew, what a rush this week as we leave for our holiday today, so it was all done and dusted by 09:30 and it only took me twenty minutes to complete, an all time record for me.

A very enjoyable Everyman for me with no real problems, I hope you also enjoyed this weeks offering.
A big thank you to Everyman as always.

1. Crime writer speaks about that woman losing husband (6)
SAYERS SAYS around (h)ER
Dorothy Sayers, the crime writer who created Lord Peter Wimsey
4. Block of flats, we hear, with old name, became popular (6,2)
CAUGHT ON homophone of COURT + O(ld)N(ame)
9. Yes, in UK jumbo, got cryptic 25 (3,4,2,6)
the definition is 25ac
11. Queen featured in Bolivian newspaper (4)
ANNE hidden: BoliviAN NEwspaper
12. Entrance for freight vehicles generally (9)
TRANSPORT dd – transport also means entrance (to put into a trance etc.)
14. Deep chasm in one area of former Red Sea state (9)
16. Wife’s language (5)
DUTCH dd punning on slang name for a wife
17. A schoolgirl is wrong (5)
19. Paid driver to reveal coat, reportedly (9)
21. Boy band leader? (9)
ALEXANDER cd ref. Alexander’s ragtime band
23. Read about challenge (4)
25. 9 poor jokes –! (4,4,2,5)
DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH cd – definition is 9ac
26. Fodder from place in East Sussex, weed (3-5)
RYE GRASS RYE(town in East Sussex)+GRASS(weed)
27. Join private after one leaves (6)
1. Corrupt place by underworld river (4)
STYX STY(corrupt place)+X(by, as in e.g. 6″ by 4″ = 6″ X 4″)
2. Saying contradicted by Ian Fleming? (3,4,4,4)
YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE cd contadicted by James Bond book/film ‘you only live twice’
3. News agency could make overtures if the top two leave (7)
5. Ring gossip about note (5)
ARENA ANA(gossip) around RE(note)
6. Complained, having woken up after end of screening (7)
GROUSED ROUSED after (screenin)G
7. Few in number then in hot redeveloped stadium (4,2,3,6)
8. HRH sitting tight in this garment (10)
‘tight’ being the anagrind
10. Huge film (7)
13. Monk brought in power-driven tool and portable stove (10)
a name for a portable stove/hot plate etc.
15. What can make prelims simpler? (7)
ANAGRAM pun on PRELIMS being an anagram of SIMPLER
18. Speech defect demonstrated by m-me interrupting celebrity (7)
20. Tipsy – provided upset in opera (7)
FIDELIO OILED(tipsy)+IF(provided) all reversed
an opera by Ludwig van Beethoven
22. Nobleman’s fists (5)
DUKES dd – slang for fists
24. Daily spell cut short (4)

10 Responses to “Everyman No. 3377 (19th June)”

  1. Mystogre says:

    Have a god holiday Lorrane. As always, thanks for taking the time to do the blog.

    Another of his gentle rambles through the language. 9ac was a bit of a smile and I also enjoyed 7d and FIDELIO stretched me. I also discovered a new (to me) type of stove. And 15d was delghtful. That is as it should be – every crossword an exploration.

  2. crosser says:

    Thank you Lorraine, hope you enjoy your holiday. Could someone please explain ANA for “gossip” in 5d? I got ARENA, of course, but couldn’t understand why, not knowing the word.

  3. Bamberger says:

    Found this very hard and gave up with less than half completed.
    1a Didn’t help that I’d never heard of her.
    4a Tried mansion block, apartment block etc but never thought of court
    9a & 25a – Catch 22 if you can’t get 9a you can’t 25a and vv.
    16a Thought this was the hidden word of “slang”
    21a Alexander’s ragtime band -what that?
    5d I don’t get ana =gossip either.
    13d I thought salamander as a type of lizard -never heard of it being a lamp.
    20d Never heard of this.

    Surprised that it was thought easy.

  4. Bryan says:

    Bamberger @ 3

    Read all about:'s_Ragtime_Band

    The 1938 movie is among my favourites.

    Many thanks Lorraine and have a great time. I hope that you know how to make a Maltese Cross?

    You hit him in the eye.

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Lorraine. Happy holiday! Although not a religious retreat, as Mystogre seemed to be implying …

    ANA for ‘gossip’ is something I struggled with too when I restarted cryptics. It’s one of those little words you’ll never use in conversation and unless you do crosswords will probably never know. ‘A collection of a person’s memorable sayings; publications concerning or associated with a person, place, activity’ (SOED). It comes ultimately from the prefix in words like VICTORIANA or AMERICAMA. So it’s not that close to ‘gossip’ in the colloquial sense, but that’s what it gets clued as. Worth filing away.

    CHAUFFEUR was my favourite today – pretty obvious, but clever.

  6. sidey says:

    crosser ANA is in Chambers and a few other dictionaries as a collection of someone’s table talk or gossip, literary anecdotes or posessions, a bit obscure for Everyman really.

  7. sidey says:

    Beaten to it by K’s Dad.

  8. David Travis says:

    “What can make prelims simpler?” — what a great clue. Thanks for writing this up!

  9. crosser says:

    Many thanks, Kathryn’s Dad and sidey.
    I’ve now found it in my OED – it wasn’t in the smaller edition I consulted. Funnily enough, I knew the word in French (through doing French crosswords) as meaning a collection of anecdotes or “bons mots” (the SOED definition given by K’s Dad) but had no idea it was used in English. I agree that “gossip” is stretching it a bit.

  10. [email protected] says:

    going to have to buy one for our mum

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