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Independent 7,706/Eimi

Posted by Ali on 28th June 2011


It’s been quite a while since I blogged an Eimi puzzle, so this was a welcome appearance from the Ed.

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Financial Times 13731 Courtier

Posted by scchua on 28th June 2011


Since this setter was new to me, I searched and found that he/she makes just a single appearance in the FT every 2nd half of June, since 2008.  This coincides with another annual event, which event explains the pseudonym itself.  I imagine this is one of the regular setters, dusting off this particular pseudonym once a year, round about this time.  Edit.note:  L’Envoi:  I (and readers as well, I’m sure) am honoured that Courtier has revealed his identity below (thanks niloci for facilitating) – he’s this veteran gentleman here.

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Guardian 25,360 – Paul, the Master

Posted by Uncle Yap on 28th June 2011

Uncle Yap.

It has been a laugh a minute this morning when I unravelled Paul’s latest offering. In many cases, I first hazarded a likely answer and then worked backwards to justify the word-play and what a good time I had. Paul, you are hereby elevated to being another Master in my book.

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