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Independent 7,706/Eimi

Posted by Ali on June 28th, 2011


It’s been quite a while since I blogged an Eimi puzzle, so this was a welcome appearance from the Ed.

The grid suggested that there was a theme (as did the setter!), but I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t realise it until I got the message for completing the online version. And even then I had to Google it.

Much as I enjoy Bob Dylan, I wasn’t familiar with his output (or at least the titles) beyond Blood On The Tracks, The Freewheelin’, Highway ’61 Revisited, etc., i.e. all the ones which would appear on a ‘Dylan albums you should own’ list and which don’t appear here!

There are a couple of clues where I’ve struggled, but everything else was very good. All in all, a very enjoyable (and educational) puzzle.

9 LOADED – A D (penny) i (DOLE)*
10 KNOCKED OUT – I think this is a cryptic def.
18/29 TIME OUT OF MIND – Not sure on this one – ‘D results from this, within human memory’
24/8 SELF-PORTRAIT – Cryptic def.
1 COUNT – Double def.
2 OTIC – O (ring) + TIC (jerk)
3 GAME – Double def.
4 IT POURS – 1 + P[-arade] in TOURS
5 FLAT – Double def.
7 WEED – Double def.
12 MET – Double def
13 DEERE – “Dear”
14 TRING – I think this is U(niversity) leaving (Alan) TURING
15 SLUG – Double def.
16 ONES – Even letters of nO aNgElS
19 ELL – hidden in [-b]ELL[-y]
20 BLOWS IN – BLOW (drug) + SIN (crime)
23 ANELE – “An eel”
25 EFFS – Not sure on this one – ‘Swears the blinds are missing’
26 NUDE – hidden reversal in garE DU Nord
27 ORFE – Hidden in juniOR FEatherwights
28 NADA – NADA[-l]

16 Responses to “Independent 7,706/Eimi”

  1. nmsindy says:

    My experience was similar to yours, with the online message giving me the clues to Google. This, despite being a big fan way back, having some of his first LPs which I played over and over and knowing his famous songs from then. A good puzzle too. I think 25 refers to effing and blinding. I think 10 across is linked with 1 down (out for the count). I think TIME OUT OF MIND takes min = minute from MIND leaving D. I agree with you re TRING. My favourite was SELF-PORTRAIT. Thanks, Eimi and Ali.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, Ali.

    Like you, when I saw the grid with its unusually large number of short answers and the perimeter letters, I was on the look out for something; but also like you, I didn’t see anything till the congratulatory message popped up.

    I enjoyed it, but was thinking that it was pretty undemanding until the last few, where I struggled to finish. I’m guessing that all the acrosses are albums by Mr Zimmerman? Not sure if there’s some significance to that, although the boy turned 70 last month, I think.

    TIME OUT OF MIND was a phrase I’d never heard of before, but I discovered it’s synonymous with ‘time immemorial’. I parsed it as MIN for ‘time’ out of MIND, leaving you with ‘D’. But I’m still stuck on EFFS.

  3. walruss says:

    Yes, effing and blinding. I have one Bob Dylan album, and that’s quite enough for me!! But I did like this puzzle. If anty fault’s here it’s with the consistently short length of the down clues, but I suppose you can get more theme links in if you do that.

  4. walruss says:

    There is a Steely Dan song called Time Out oof Mind, and you can guess what that is about.

  5. Quixote says:

    Ah, nearly right :)

  6. Thomas99 says:

    I’m ashamed to say I only realised there was a theme when I looked at this blog! And I regard myself as a fan – I even went to see him once, in Cardiff (quite a long round-trip!). Mind you, I only really know the famous stuff, and some of these are not so mainstream. I think I’ve got Time Out of Mind, though – very mature, very moody. I agree with K’s Dad for that parsing, and walruss for Effs.

  7. Thomas99 says:

    Sorry – didn’t notice nmsindy had parsed both of those too. I agree with the 10a/1d linkage as well.

  8. flashling says:

    I was convinced it was knocked out spent ages trying to work out why and failed. Laughed at the second def in 7d. Thanks Eimi and Ali. Totally faled on the theme, thought loaded and time out referred to magazines.

  9. NealH says:

    Music is not my strong point, so the theme passed me by even though I looked up “Time Out of Mind” in Wiki and saw it was a Bob Dylan album. Maybe the fact that Modern Times was a Chaplin film led me away from thinking that all the across answers were connected. I think the large number of short answers made this a bit easier than it might have been. Only anele gave me a few problems because it’s not a word I’ve come across much.

  10. Richard says:

    I see that Eimi correctly predicted Nadal’s foot injury. Any tips for the rest of the week?

  11. scchua says:

    Thanks Ali for the blog, and Eimi for a rare appearance.

    As usual, the theme went over my head, and didn’t even know there was a theme, as I was doing it offline. Only Dylan albums I have are compilations, and the others I know of are from the 60s. Still a pleasant puzzle not requiring any knowledge of the theme to complete. Favourites were 4D IT POURS, 7D WEED, and 18,29 TIME OUT OF MIND. A question about the latter, as the dicts give the meaning as “past or beyond memory” and therefore it can’t be “within human memory”.

  12. lenny says:

    Unusually for me, I guessed the theme as I was solving. Not that it helped since I only have Freewheelin’. The grid displayed Eimi’s usual ingenuity and it was not a difficult solve apart from Anele, a new word for me. I guessed Angle since it was the only word I could think of that corresponded to any words in the clue.

    I had the same feeling as scchua about Time out of Mind. It appears to me that within human memory is the opposite of what the phrase means.

  13. eimi says:

    Thanks to Ali for the blog and others for the comments.

    Time out of mind is a bit confusing, but I trusted the definition in Chambers: “during the whole time within human memory, from time immemorial”.

    Unfortunately the best Bob Dylan albums (Blonde on Blonde, Blood on the Tracks, Highway 61 Revisited, The Times They Are a Changin’, Planet Waves – in my opinion) weren’t very crossword-friendly and others wouldn’t fit in to make a symmetrical crossword. Some of the albums here are pretty forgettable, and it takes a strong constitution to get through Self Portrait without resorting to the skip button, but I would recommend Modern Times to those who haven’t heard it. It rocks. Well worth the £4.49 you can get it for at Amazon and

    I’m not sure His Bobness would be happy to be considered almost the Spice Girls, though, Don.

  14. lenny says:

    Thanks for the explanation eimi. I obviously need a new Chambers as my 2003 edition just says “from time immemorial”. I also did not understand Quixote’s amusing comment until you explained it. For those still in doubt, see yesterday’s blog.

  15. ele says:

    A bit late in the day, thank you so much Eimi for getting this puzzle, completed (I was the one who compained about the lack of a themed puzzle on His Bobness’s 70th, when you let the cat a little way out of the bag). When I saw your name I hoped it was going to be this one. Got most of them, although some albums aren’t so familiar. A favourite other clue was 15d.

  16. AndyB says:

    I wondered if the answer to 20d could be seen as nodding towards one of Bob’s famous early period songs, especially as it’s “the answer” that’s blowing in. Though I’d say that seemed quite a weak clue in a highly enjoyable crossword.

    I’d understood “time out of mind” to mean so dated that no one can be sure of its origin. The chambers definition loses a bit of that sharpness perhaps. But a fair clue

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