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Inquisitor 1182 – Guru by Nimrod

Posted by Hihoba on June 29th, 2011


It was relatively easy to identify the Guru of the title, less so to complete this multi-threaded puzzle.

First there were two completely barred off squares, one preceded the IKE of ikebana, the other was preceded by the LAW of Danelaw, so the Guru was, unsurprisingly, the late MIKE LAWS, our editor who was a 31D 15D, TITAN INTELLECT.

Secondly there were unclued entries all round the perimeter which, we were told,  represented two groups of four. After correcting my entry for 4D from DUROS to EUROS (either fitted the clue!), the first unclued entry appeared to be OLDFIELD, so there were probably four MIKEs, and a simple deduction that the other four were LAWS turned out to be correct. The Mikes were OLDFIELD, TYSON, HARDING and FARRELL. The laws were MURPHY’s, SOD’s, PARKINSON’s (for a while I thought this was a Mike!) and OHM’s. All clear so far?

The third strand was to identify the extra letters in the wordplay of the clues which yielded one of Mike’s favourite posers, and one of his favourite crossword-related inventions. After a number of false starts, I got “DISHONESTLY TAKE POSITION AS HEAD WAITER“, (not as I originally thought headMASTER!) followed by PANGRAM. Mike loved inventing pangrams (phrases (or crosswords) including all the letters A-Z).

The final strand – the answer to the “clue” is JUMP THE QUEUE. If you didn’t have to include the Q this would simplify the construction of pangrams.

I feared that this would be easy, once the identity of the “Guru” was revealed, but full marks to Nimrod for keeping us intrigued to the end!

One clue – to 19A – left us a little puzzled. If anyone has a better explanation please let us know!



Clue Extra Answer Definition:Explanation
9 D MEAL Dinner?; ME(D)AL = gong
10 I LUGE Toboggan: LUG (sail) + (I)E
11 S VERY So: VE(S)TRY minus T(ime)
12 H HAHA Ditch: HH (very Hard) + A-HA (Scandinavian band – remember “Take on me”?)
14 O RICOCHET Glancing blow: C(aught) + OCHE (firing line in darts) in RI(O)T
16 N ODA Room in harem: A DO(N) reversed
17 E MUON Particle: M(ass) U(niversal) + ON(E)
19 S LADY “Faint heart never won fair LADY”: if you take the top off Noel Coward, the “singing Knight”, you get COWARD who is the “Faint heart” who never . . .

But see comments below for a better explanation.

20 T LINES School punishment: [SILEN(T)]*
21 L TALIBES Islamic students: [BASTIL(L)E]*
22 Y IKEBANA Japanese art: I + KE(Y) + BAN + A
26 T EGER Bore: [GREE(T)]*
27 A A LA Done like: sAy LlAm(A) on a regular basis
28 K GLEN Depression: hidden in strugGLE (K)Night’s
29 E DANELAW North of Watling Street: [A NEW D(E)AL]*
30 P RAT RACE Struggling to get on: (P)RAT (fool) + RACE (ancestors)
33 O ALAMO Mission (on the site of the battle): 27 A LA + 6 MO(O)
35 S ADIT Opening: (S)AD (shame) + IT
37 I CAVY Rodent: CA (about) + Y(ears) round (I)V (or V(I))
38 T LID Hat: LI(T) (alight) + D(uke)
39 I FITMENTS Due (Shakespeare): (I)F (whenever) + [MITTENS]*
41 O SINH Reduced function (hyperbolic sine): hidden in immerSI(O)N Heater
42 N NEAT Shipshape: NE + A(N)T
43 A ALUN Welshman: almost A + LUN(A)r
44 S IDEA Plan: A (one) following (S)IDE (subsidiary)
1 H LEADING LADIES &lit clue: [(H)EADLINED GALS I]* directed
2 E FLAME Object of affection: [FEMAL(E)]*
3 A ILLUSIONAL Deceptive: LL in [LOUISI(A)NA]*
4 D EUROS Currency: SO RUE(D) reversed
5 W DECK Dress: KC (silk) + (W)ED reversed
6 A MOO Farm output (not 24D, baa): Chairman M(A)O + O
7 I REHAB Cleansing of character: AH (I see!) in B(I)ER (carriage of late!) reversed
8 T PREDETERMINED Elect:  E (oriental) + DETER (put off) + M (007’s spymaster) in PRIN(T)ED (being on paper) – without meaning outside
13 E HANGED Put to death: ANG (Lee) in HE(E)D (note)
18 R FLAG-WAVING Imperialist: G(overnment) in FLAW (defect) + (R)AVING
23 P KAE Serve, old (in Chambers under ka2): K + A(P)E
24 A BAA Farm output (not 6D, moo): (A)BA (cloth from goat hair) + A
25 N ALKALI Metals: A + L + K + (N)A + LI
31 TITAN N/a
32 G GAS UP A ghastly Americanism for fill up with fuel: GA(G) + SUP
34 R LYSIN One breaks down (an enzyme): LY(R)e + SIN
36 A GNAR Snarl, growl: N(A)G (find fault) reversed + A + R (classroom fundamental – 3Rs)
40 M ERK Aircraftsman: hidden in short-tER (M)Knowledge

6 Responses to “Inquisitor 1182 – Guru by Nimrod”

  1. HolyGhost says:

    I have to say that it wasn’t until yesterday morning that I finally hit upon “jump the queue”.

    What’s the clue for 19a?

  2. jack says:

    Gladys Knight was a singer I thought it might be her

  3. HolyGhost says:

    If my memory serves me well, Gladys is indeed the Knight in question (no mention of the Pips though).

  4. Hi of hihoba says:

    If it is Gladys Knight, that makes sense, as Gladys topless minus the required S is LADY(S). I think either explanation would do. We need input from Nimrod if he’s out there!

  5. John H says:

    Hi Hi,

    your interpretation at #4 is entirely correct!

  6. Hi of hihoba says:

    Thank you Nimrod! Nice crossword – enjoyable solve. Mike would have approved!

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