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Independent 7708 by Quaiteaux

Posted by flashling on 30th June 2011


I had the pleasure of meeting Quaiteaux at the last London  S&B. Found this pretty difficult in places and some bits still evade me.

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Financial Times No. 13,733 by SLEUTH

Posted by Ringo on 30th June 2011


Rattled through this without too much difficulty. Was brought up short once or twice by some pretty baroque clueing, but, on the whole, nothing too 29ac.

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Guardian 25,362 / Chifonie

Posted by mhl on 30th June 2011


An easy but enjoyable puzzle from Chifonie – and for once I have a time-zone difference that makes it easy to get the post done in time :)

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Financial Times 13,723 by Cinephile

Posted by Pete Maclean on 30th June 2011

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of June 18
I found this puzzle to be tough. In particular, 4A, 14D and 18D all stumped me for a while. I still do not completely understand 14D (ILLUSTRATOR) but trust I have the right answer. The only clue I greatly like is 19D (HYSTERIA) while I have doubts about 2D and 18D.

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