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Independent on Sunday 1119 by Glow-worm

Posted by flashling on 31st July 2011


Sunday afternoon means a pint (or two!) and the IOS crossword. So here’s Glow-worm from last week. Can anyone help with the wordplay for 14a ? thanks Sil

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Beelzebub 1118

Posted by Jed on 31st July 2011


Pretty straightforward this week. Some very clever surface readings eg 28 and 31 across.

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Azed 2043/cecropid?

Posted by ilancaron on 31st July 2011

Didn’t find this very easy.  With at least one wordplay not completely decoded.  Wasn’t helped by what appears to be a typo in 1D.

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Everyman No 3,382

Posted by Stella on 31st July 2011


A fairly straightforward puzzle from Everyman this week, with a profusion of anagrams and simple charades, and nothing too obscure save, perhaps, 2 down. Read the rest of this entry »

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Enigmatic Variations No. 976 Wind by Kcit

Posted by Gaufrid on 30th July 2011


I haven’t looked at an EV for the best part of four months but when the scheduled blogger wrote to me to say that he had been unable to solve this one I couldn’t resist the challenge. It took me about six hours in two sessions but I got there in the end.

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Indy 7728 Klingsor (Sat 23-Jul-2011)

Posted by beermagnet on 30th July 2011



I started off at a canter with this one from the bottom right, but slowed to a stop after 30 mins with just over half in place.
A re-start saw 1A fall providing useful first letters for other missing lights.  Then the struggle to fill in and understand those final 4 or 5. In fact I didn’t understand many of them until preparing this blog though the answers are pretty solid from the definitions.
So there are some loose ends to polish off below.

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Guardian Prize 25,382 / Paul

Posted by Eileen on 30th July 2011


I thought this was rather on the easy side for a Paul crossword, especially a prize one. The number of double definitions [eight!] was more typical of a Rufus puzzle but there were also some characteristically Paul clues, with clever surfaces, that raised a smile or two.

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Independent 7733/Phi

Posted by John on 29th July 2011


The usual very neat offering from Phi. Many of the clues are simple in construction, but nevertheless are efficiently done and of a high standard; and they are not immediately obvious.

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Financial Times 13,758 / Mudd

Posted by Gaufrid on 29th July 2011


One for the beginners today, with more double definitions than is usual for Mudd or most other setters. For me a very easy solve with nearly all of the answers being entered on the first reading of the clue.

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Guardian Nº 25,387 by Paul

Posted by PeterO on 29th July 2011


The first time I have had a Paul to blog, and it did not disappoint, unless perhaps by being over too quickly – good for the blog if not for savouring the challenge.
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Guardian Cryptic 25386 Pasquale

Posted by scchua on 28th July 2011


This is my debut Guardian Cryptic.  Hence, this preamble to a preamble, in case you’re wondering why the detailedness… I’m going on the basis that the 15sq’d motto means “… and never knowingly underexplained”.  Furthermore, I can’t be sure where someone might have a blind spot (I’m sure some of my own blind spots will get in the way of the blog).  Aside from the serious business of explaining, I also try to lighten it a bit, that is, in addition to the entertainment and education provided by the setter.  And that’s why.  Of course, all this (I hasten to add that it’s not unique in 15sq’d)  is provided I have the time on the day….Which happily today I have, thanks to Pasquale with this enjoyable offering which was not too difficult, especially after having got the long ones at 5,23,11,19 and 8. (Definitions are underlined in the clues.)

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Financial Times no. 13,757 by NEO

Posted by Ringo on 28th July 2011


A Financial Times crossword for Financial Times readers, today… which rather left me up a certain creek without a certain implement. An ingenious finance theme throughout, coupled with what I felt was some pretty obscure clueing, made this a tough solve for me today. The hangover didn’t help.

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Independent 7732 by Nimrod

Posted by flashling on 28th July 2011


I was rather hoping Nimrod’s new job as editor for the Saturday magazine Inquisitor crossword would keep him too busy to set the Thursday toughie, alas not…

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Financial Times 13,747 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on 28th July 2011

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 16

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Financial Times 13,756 by Aardvark

Posted by PeeDee on 27th July 2011


A very enjoyable crossword from Aardvark.

No themes, multiple linked clues or other funny business, just straight down the line crossword fun.  My favourite clues were 1ac and 28ac.  1 across took me an inexplicably long time to solve, the answer was staring me in the face but for some reason I just couldn’t see it.

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