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Photos of Sloggers & Betters in Birmingham

Posted by jetdoc on 1st July 2011


Lots of photos of last Saturday’s meeting to be found at:

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Financial Times 13,734 / Falcon

Posted by Gaufrid on 1st July 2011


Generally easy though the definition in 18ac might have confused some solvers, as might the wordplay in 20dn for those who haven’t met this usage before.

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Guardian 25,363 / Boatman

Posted by duncanshiell on 1st July 2011


I have written this blog fairly early as I will be travelling for most of the day.  If the wi-fi on East Coast Mainline works well, I should be able to read comments mid morning.  The wi-fi was very good on the way south.  The first part of the journey involves South West Trains which doesn’t seem to do wi-fi at all.

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Independent 7709/Phi

Posted by John on 1st July 2011


As usual a good crossword from Phi.  If anything the clues are even better-constructed than usual: they can all be explained easily after the event, although they are not necessarily always easy. One or two words are less than common, but the wordplay makes them all very manageable.

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