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Posted by Jed on 3rd July 2011



1 One close to Sun’s lawyers strands a reporter initially at sea

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Guardian Genius 96 / Araucaria – A Masochist’s Delight

Posted by Gaufrid on 3rd July 2011


To say that I struggled with this one would be an understatement. I can usually finish a Genius in under an hour but this time it was nearly that long per clue. Perseverance paid off however and on the fourth day I had a completed grid.

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Azed No 2039

Posted by bridgesong on 3rd July 2011


I found this a fairly tough challenge, with even more unfamiliar words than usual.   I have on several occasions simply quoted the definition from Chambers without any additional comment.

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Everyman 3378/26 June 2011

Posted by Pierre on 3rd July 2011


A clearly-clued and entertaining entry-level puzzle from Everyman.  I was particularly taken with some clever anagrams this week.

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