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Araucaria/Cinephile on Desert Island Discs

Posted by Admin on 4th July 2011


Thanks to Scarpia and Shirley for drawing attention to the fact that John Graham (Araucaria/Cinephile) is going to be the guest on Desert Island Discs next Sunday 10th July @ 11.15 on BBC Radio 4.

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Guardian Quiptic 607 Orlando

Posted by scchua on 4th July 2011


This is one of the better Quiptics I’ve completed.  Not difficult, but a balanced mix of tricks to enjoy.  Thanks Orlando.  (Definitions underlined in clues.)

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Independent 7711/Anax

Posted by Pierre on 4th July 2011


I don’t know, you offer to do a favour for a fellow blogger, and look what happens …

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Guardian 25,365 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 4th July 2011


I think this was perhaps just a little trickier than your average Rufus but there’s the usual mix of witty cryptic definitions and clever anagrams – and I wish I could think of an alternative epithet to ‘smooth’ for his surfaces: so many of these are like silk! [I began to list them but there are too many.] I had several smiles along the way – thank you Rufus!

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Cyclops 446: The poor bloody infantry

Posted by jetdoc on 4th July 2011


Back from watching England decisively beaten by Sri Lanka in the ODI at Lord’s, to finish and complete this blog. What held me up as a blogger was working out the wordplay of 3d — if not blogging, I would probably just have written in the answer without worrying too much about whether it was correct or not. Read the rest of this entry »

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