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Guardian 25,367 / Logodaedalus

Posted by mhl on 6th July 2011


This is a rushed post, I’m afraid, so apologies for any errors. (Also I probably won’t be able to make corrections until much later.) I didn’t enjoy this much, partly due to circumstances (no access to a printer or a printed copy), and partly because of the style of the clues. Personally, I don’t like clues with verbose linking phrases, which there are many of here – I think they make the cryptic structure obvious and the clues seem less elegant. Update: As Berny points out below, there’s a good reason some of these might read a bit strangely, which I’ll mention in the next paragraph to avoid spoilers on the front page…

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Independent 7713 by DAC

Posted by flashling on 6th July 2011


So after a week off for good behaviour DAC returns with a crossword I found a little harder than usual. Probably just me though.

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Financial Times 13,738 / Monk

Posted by Gaufrid on 6th July 2011


Monk is one of my favourite setters so I was very pleased to see him return to the FT and Indy after an eighteen month sabbatical. However, I don’t remember ever taking as long to complete an FT puzzle so this must have been very much at the harder end of the FT spectrum, but it was no less enjoyable for that.

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Inquisitor 1183 – Ignore Diddly? by Samuel

Posted by kenmac on 6th July 2011


The blog now arriving on platform 152 is the late running 1183 from kenmac.

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