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Beelzebub 1116

Posted by Jed on July 17th, 2011


Splendid smorgasbord of diverse clues



1 Job with difficulty put on at end    POSTFIX POST FIX

6 Rebel leader beginning to trash bank when retreating    TYLER T RELY<

11 Shock reversal in market restricting university area    TRAUMA U in MART< A

12 Standard treatment of tooth with rum for oral problem    PARROTMOUTH PAR + (TOOTH RUM)*

13 American agreed about English being once estranged    ALIENED E in ALINED

14 Those, according to Macbeth, taking name from Macbeth    THAE THA[n]E

15 Preferred lorries moving light fittings    ELECTROLIERS ELECT (LORRIES)*

18 Coat is returned mostly damaged    SIMARRE IS< MARRE[d]

20 Startle, possibly, or startles    RATTLES (STARTLE)*

22 Part of speech having points taken on board by one Director having too much work    OVERBURDENED VERB  URDE  in  ONE D

24 African cash windfall we invested? Only some    LWEI windfal[L WE I]nvested

25 Caliph interrupting blunt believer in false god    BAALITE ALI  in BATE

27 C-cram i Tunes with changes in Armin van Buuren download maybe    TRANCE MUSIC (C CRAM I TUNES)*

28 Cathedral city, one shunning authorisation  from Bishop and Queen    EXETER EXE[a]T ER

29 Old tales are desperately cut down    REDES aRE DESperately

30 Show disapproval of German eleven? Local’s in good form    HISSELF HISS ELF in Chambers this is dialect form of himself


1 Insect forms turned up without colour, without life initially    PUPAE UP< PA[l]E

2 Practically ignoring millions in speech    ORALLY [m]ORALLY

3 Rubber cushion used in naughty recreations    TYRE naughTY REcreations

4 What are covered by a lot of floral bonnets, possibly    FRONTAL BONES (FLORA[l] BONNETS)*  part of cranium

5 Current businessmen ultimately succinct between themselves    INTER SE I businessmeN TERSE

6 Play game  smartly with model moves    TROLL-MY-DAMES (SMARTLY MODEL)*   a game like bagatelle

7 I stay excited, having concealed gold in tropical plants    YAUTIAS AU in (I STAY)*

8 Protestant system ruins hamlet in Reformation    LUTHERANISM (RUINS HAMLET)*

9 Pharaoh’s statue’s head found amongst nettles    RAMESES S in RAMEES

10 Soldiers and I came in round back of castle, having covered rough terrain    ORIENTEERED OR I [castl]E in ENTERED

16 Book’s binding’s gross story swathed in gold    GROLIER GR LIE in OR

17 River I observed in territory covered in furrows    STRIATE R I in STATE

19 Lessons of history elevated in couple from Mediterranean country    ISRAELI LEARS< in II

21 France recently upset about one of ambassadors    FETIAL F I in LATE<

23 Was confronted with overturned drink    DECAF FACED<

26 Seductions not right, producing venereal disease    LUES LU[r]ES


< = reverse    ( )* = anagram    [ ] = omitted


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