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Private Eye/Cyclops 447 – Portable gladioli

Posted by beermagnet on July 18th, 2011


Nothing here to stop an Eye solver polishing this off with several chuckles and no doubtful edges, i.e. no need to reach for Chambers this time.

Which is just as well, because I solved this during a short “cafe” break during a few days holiday last week at FLIP – “Festival Ludique International de Parthenay”.  This is a festival with all sorts of games to play for free.  If you want a festival where you can let your small kids wear themselves out on dozens of bouncy castles, the slightly older play with huge quantities of building sets, while the teenagers gravitate towards the massive video game vault in the darkened recesses of the conference centre, then this is the place for you.  Pretty much ideal for a get together for my partner’s family to celebrate her sister’s 50th.  I liked to try out the various logic based board games – and retire to the wayside bar to quaff a few drinks over a few crosswords.

7 HANGOVER Electorate stuffed by Gordon’s chief party after-effect (8)
G[ordon] inside HANOVER (Electorate) Ref: Electorate of Hanover [wiki] seems to be a favourite wordplay device of Cyclops
8 GALLOP A vote reversal following end of Clegg’s career (6)
A POLL< after [cleg]G
10/9 TOTEM POLE Transport politician has nothing on the French “phallic symbol” (5,4)
TOTE (Transport) MP (politician) O (nothing) LE (the French)
11 BACK-PEDAL Take a gamble and plead “misquoted”, as politicians do after making rash statement? (4-5)
BACK (Take a gamble) PLEAD* AInd: misquoted
13 WODEN Made a gain, welcoming back Balls – god! (5)
ED< inside WON Def: God
14 DERISION Satire’s verdict: Cameron’s first to be replaced by right (8)
DECISION (verdict) with C (Cameron’s first) replaced by R (right) Def: Satire
16 SUPER-INJUNCTION Ineffective against naming and shaming wayward celebs’ wicked, fashionable meeting place? (5-10)
SUPER (wicked) IN (fashionable) JUNCTION (meeting place) Easier to get this with the hyphenated version of the word defined by the letter count
20 WRESTLER After much effort, grab power, say – the French tosser finally is a fighter (8)
WREST (After much effort, grab power, say) LE (the French) [tosse]R Def: A fighter. I think the “say” is being used here to define by example the word “Wrest” rather than as a homophone indicator.
23 LOSER Being non-Conservative, nearer what David was to brother Ed? (5)
26 UP AGAINST Face to face with how a frotteur is with his victim? (2,7)
Double Def.
27 CATCH Nick gets whip onto Cable initially – hard (5)
CAT (whip) C[able] H[ard] Def: Nick
28 PILFER Nick, about to lose control, doing a U-turn (6)
RE (about) FLIP (to lose control) All reversed. Def: Nick.
29 LAW LORDS Wads? Roll out the ultimate legal team! (3,5)
(WADS ROLL)* AInd: Out. Def: the ultimate legal team. This definition is slightly out of date for Law Lords since the establishment of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom which began its work in 2009. I always do a double-take when I hear “The Supreme Court” being mentioned e.g. on Radio 4 Today program as I immediately think of the US Supreme Court.
1 WHITEWASH Very small part he was tossing (used to cover a whole wall?) (9)
WHIT (Very small part) (HE WAS)* AInd: tossing. First clue tackled and easily solved.
2/21 UNITED STATES Nation’s football team utter shit (no punch) (6,6)
UNITED (football team) STATE (utter) S[hit] (take HIT (punch) from SHIT)
3 COMMONER General mounts Brenda – not her type at all (8)
COMMON (General) ER (Brenda)
4 SEABED Location of wreck of a sailor covered in semen, biblical fashion (6)
AB (a sailor) inside SEED (semen – term as used in the Bible) Def: Location of wreck
5 CAMPUS Over the top, luvvy-like American students’ place (6)
CAMP (Over the top, luvvy-like) US (American)
6 GLADIOLI Kinky gal, Di, getting oil over bloomers (8)
(GAL DI)* AInd: kinky. then (OIL)* AInd: over. Def: bloomers. Favourite flower of Dame Edna
12 CORFU Holiday resort in which – phwoar! – females undo tops (5)
COR (Phwoar) F[emales] U[ndo]
15 ANARCHISM No belief in government, charisma diabolical, Brown finally accepted (9)
(CHARISMA + [brow]N)* AInd: diabolical
17 PORTABLE Drink, large, guzzled by ex-President – easily carried away (8)
PORT (drink) then L[arge] inside ABE (ex-President)
18 NYLON Material bringing Cameron’s end, only shambolically (5)
[camero]N (ONLY)* AInd: shambolically.
19 COLD CALL “Parky meets Bellow!” – not a pitch you’d welcome (4,4)
COLD (Parky) CALL (Bellow) Ref: Michael Parkinson and Saul Bellow. Did Parky ever have him on his show? I doubt it.
22 RATBAG Rabbit sailor stuck up arse (6)
GAB (rabbit) TAR (sailor) all reversed. Def: arse
24 SATIRE South Africa: flag is a parody (6)
SA (South Africa) TIRE (flag) Def: parody
25 HUMP “Carry the load?” – Cameron (“I don’t understand”) flipped (4)
P.M. (Cameron) UH (“I don’t understand” as in “What?” “Eh?” etc.) all reversed. Def: Carry the load. Last clue “inked” in, though I pencilled it in earlier as I didn’t understand the wordplay for HU till I thought about it more.

When I got back from holiday I read in the Grauniad:
“The News of the World is Shut”
Imagine my surprise when I discovered it wasn’t a typo!

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