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Financial Times 13749 PHSSTHPOK

Posted by scchua on 19th July 2011


There was a problem with the link to the online version, which meant that I started late.  (Thanks to those who responded to my call for help in trying to get the crossword.)   When I finally got it in hand, it wasn’t as easy as previous PHSSTHPOKs.  The right half was reasonable, but I got held up with the left half, and I’m still not sure of the parsing (nor of the answer too) for my last one in, 25D. (Edit.note: See comment#12 So, a little belatedly, here’s the blog I finally completed, with apologies for being late.  Thanks PHSSTHPOK, you’ve made me work, enjoyably, for it.  (Definitions are underlined in the clues.)

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Guardian 25,378 – Chifonie

Posted by Uncle Yap on 19th July 2011

Uncle Yap.

If I had not looked at the name of the setter, I would have guessed Rufus as today’s Chifonie clues are all short, simple and sweet, very much like those from that Maestro in Ironbridge, Shropshire minus the cryptic definitions. An enjoyable and delightful morning’s work-out that ended far too quickly, especially when today’s Times cryptic is still not available. Thank you, Chifonie for a very entertaining puzzle.

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Independent 7724/Punk

Posted by John on 19th July 2011


I thought this was going to be a nightmare. There I was, blogging shortly after midnight and hoping for a fairly easy one so that I wouldn’t have to stay up all night, and we get a whole lot of people some of whom I’ve hardly heard of, and all of a type. It put me in mind of a dreadful round in a pub quiz I was once at: the subject of the round was “music”, and all the questions were about pop music. There are other types of music; and there are other types of singer.

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