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Financial Times No. 13,751 by FALCON

Posted by Ringo on July 21st, 2011


No nasty surprises from Falcon this morning; a nice neat puzzle, spoiled only slightly by some weak charades and a couple of questionable synonyms. And I learned a new word, which is always a nice treat before breakfast on a Thursday.


1. See 23dn

6. DESIGN  Deign [condescend] incorporating s(econd)

9. CARAFE  Cafe [restaurant] incorporating a r(ed)

10. RECREANT  Anagram of enter car to give a word meaning in a state of surrender, cowardly or, colloquially, ‘yellow’ – a new word for me, this one

11. VETO  Vet [check] + (Volv)o to give a ‘red light’ in the sense of a stoppage or no-go signal

12. INNKEEPERS  In + n(orth) + keepers [minders]

14. PRAISE BE  Raise [mother (verb)] within Pb [chemical symbol for lead] + (hom)e

16. NOTE  Reversal of Eton [college]

18. FUND  Fun [play] + d(iamonds) for a ‘kitty’ or fund of money

19. OUT THERE  Out [not here] + there [in that place] to give a colloquial phrase meaning outrageous or avant garde

21. EDWARD LEAR  Edward [one of numerous English kings] + Lear [Shakespeare’s king of the Britons] to give the celebrated nonsense-poet

22. NIGH  Nigh(t) [evening]

24. IRISH SEA  Anagram of is I hear incorporating s(on) to give the location of (the Isle of) Man

26. ABLOOM  A + boom [period of growth] incorporating L [pounds]

27. SPOT ON  Spoon [‘a wooden golfing-club having a slightly concave head’ – OED] incorporating T(roon)

28. See 7dn


2. WHALE  Sounds like wail [cry]

3. STAR OF INDIA  Star [celebrity] + of India [from Asian country]: a rather weak charade to give a golf-ball-sized sapphire

4. ONE-LINER  One [individual] + liner [ship]

5. STRANGE TO RELATE  Anagram of latest generator [see 8dn] to give an old-fashioned expression for something odd or inexplicable

6. DOCKET  Dock [put together] + E(nglish) + t(eam)

7, 28. SEE EYE TO EYE  See [judge] + eye to eye [at close quarters, perhaps in the sense of ‘eyeball to eyeball’ or ‘nose to nose’]: a charade of slightly questionable synonyms to give the phrase meaning ‘agree’

8. GENERATOR  Anagram of garret one

13. PUNCHINELLO  Punch [humorous magazine] + in(H)ello [glossy celebrity magazine] to give the commedia dell’arte clown

15. ROUND TRIP  Round [cycle] ‘supported’ by trip [make a mistake]

17. STARGAZE  Star(kers) [(stark) naked] + gaze [look]

20. EDISON  Reversal of No [number] + side [team] to give the famous US inventor

23, 1. GOODY TWO-SHOES  Anagram of why goose stood – I’d never heard of the nursery tale, but of course I knew the phrase

25. SIT Synonym for ‘model’ or ‘pose’ hidden in NapleS ITaly















2 Responses to “Financial Times No. 13,751 by FALCON”

  1. Jezza says:

    10a was a new word for me too, but with the checking letters, there was not much else it could be.
    Thanks to Falcon for the pleasant, straightforward puzzle, and to Ringo for the review.

  2. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Ringo & Falcon this was a breeze although RECREANT was also new to me … it sure is nice whan a guess turns out to be correct.

    Of course, having got all the intersecting letters it could not have been anything else. Or could it?

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