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Independent 7722 by Tyrus (Saturday prize puzzle 16th July 2011)

Posted by twencelas on July 23rd, 2011


What has Tyrus in store for us?

A very topical puzzle indeed considering the antics of the gutter press and those who inhabit the gutters that the general public seem to find so interesting. Apart from the obvious references in the clues (6 across was a particular favourite) and technically breaches a 5 down!, there are numerous associations to be inferred in the answers.

I would hazard a guess that the majority of the grid came from a brain storming session on papers formerly known as tabloids (now red tops) there’s Provisos, kiss and tell, disclosure, Gwen (a particular subject of a super injunction I believe), phone hacking, flashy, gagging for it, expletives, super injunction, ruin, stand up to, insightful, hotty and the best description of all for them – Cretinous.

A highly amusing puzzle and a good use of different references to 5 in the clues. Not sure that I’ve parsed 15 correctly.

Key * (Anagram) Rev (Reverse)


1 v (five) + I (one) in pros(tarts as in prostitutes) + o + s (ends of to confess) = PROVISOS (Conditions)

6 p (quietly) + layer (bed) = PLAYER (Giggs or Rooney or Terry)

9/7 (Dantes skill)* =  KISS AND TELL (Account)  Not entirely sure of relevance of (from Beatrice)

10 gasp (sound shocked – head) = ASP (Killer of queen “Cleopatra”)

11 ad (this time) + DUP (Northern Irish Politicians – Democratic Unionist Party) = ADD UP (Make sense)

12 (we’re proud end)* = UNDERPOWERED (Unsuitable for boy racer)

14 in care (being looked after) – re (touching) = INCA (Old royal)

15 pin (hold) around en (nurse) + ic (looking after as in in charge?) + ill (sick) = PENICILLIN (Medicine)

17 lo (look) on disc (record ) + sure (of course) = DISCLOSURE (Super injunction might prevent it)

19 w (with) in gen (information) = GWEN (Welsh woman)

20 p (a little puzzling) + hinged (revolved) around one hack (individual reporter) – ed (editor) = PHONE HACKING (Malpractice)

23 See 19 down

24 dijIBOuti = IBO (African language)

25 limpid (clear) essentially = IMPI (African fighters)

26 Rev(Alf (boy)) + shy (fling) = FLASHY (Brash)

27 (yesnogas)* = NOSEGAYS (Sprays as in flowers)


2 I (one) in run (hurry) = RUIN

3 Stu (man) + l (left) in  via (by) = VISTULA (Banker as in River)

4 stand up (comic) + Rev (ot (books – old testament) ) = STAND UP TO (Resist)

5 (juicy n + print no use)* – y (unknown) =  SUPER INJUNCTION (Definition in the whole clue)

6 platoon (soldiers) – on (operation) = PLATO (Greek philosopher)

7 See 9 Across

8 ex (without) + p (parking) + lives around Rev (TE as in T.E.Lawrence) = EXPLETIVES (as in Damn and blast)

13 (out fishing – o (love))*+ l (little lady) = INSIGHTFUL (Understanding)

16 (cruise not)* = CRETINOUS (Stupid)

18 (n (end of answer to 5) + secret)* = CENTRES (Hearts)

19/23 it (sex) after gagging for (super injunction not a disclosure) = GAGGING FOR IT (Desperate)

21 Hoy (Island) around TT (Isle of man races) = HOTTY (sexy girl)

22 s (society) + pry (to be curious) = SPRY (Active)

8 Responses to “Independent 7722 by Tyrus (Saturday prize puzzle 16th July 2011)”

  1. Allan_C says:

    Thanks, twencelas, for the blog – particularly the explanation of 8d. This was one of those crosswords where some of the answers come before full understanding of their clues – 1a, 20a, 3d and 8d in this case for me – and I was still in the dark a bit with 8d.

    21d was a new word to me – not in Chambers or Collins but I found it on-line.

    Does 5d really exist?

  2. ele says:

    I don’t usually get to do this x-word as the Inquisitor usually takes up all my time! But it was easier that week. Very entertaining and thanks for the blog twenceslas. I think re 9/7 that Dante and Beatrice never actually met so that’s why they could never ‘kiss and tell’. :)

  3. Wanderer says:

    Thanks twencelas and Tyrus, I thoroughly enjoyed this. The surface in the long clue was one of the cleverest I’ve seen, and some of the related ones, especially gagging for it, disclosure and phone hacking, were wonderful. I failed on IMPI, so I have yet to complete my first Tyrus — I look forward to the next challenge!

    One thing I am not quite clear about: are the last two words (“with this”) really necessary in the long clue? Surely as it stands, the definition is strictly “this”. If the clue read ” ‘Juicy, name not unknown – print!’ No use, sadly ” we would still get the same solution, and the definition really would be the whole clue. This is a question asked out of relative inexperience.

    Thank you for a great challenge.

  4. nmsindy says:

    I think, Wanderer at #3, that there would be no definition then or one that is just too indirect and therefore unfair. Yes, this was a fun puzzle, thanks, Tyrus and twencelas.

  5. Tyrus says:

    Thanks to twencelas for the blog and for the other comments.

    Well done, Wanderer. You’re getting there.

  6. Tramp says:

    A wonderful puzzle – I thoroughly enjoyed it. Superb clues and a topical theme.

  7. Graham Pellen says:

    18D is n in, not +, secret.

  8. twencelas says:

    Graham – The clue for 18dn was “5 ultimately stops secret breaking hearts”. 5 is ‘super injunction’ and ultimately this is “N” inserted into an anagram of secret giving CENTRES. Do you manage to get hold of the paper copy of the Independent in Adelaide, it’s been a few years since I’ve been there? It is a small world – My mother in law, who passed away 8 years ago (Audrey R) used to live beside you. You might remember Fiona rather than I.

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