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Independent 7729 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on July 25th, 2011


I found this was an extremely easy puzzle in the Quixote style familiar from the IoS before he moved back to the main paper.    One of my fastest solves of the year so far, just 12 minutes.

* = anagram


1   PUTATIVE    definition, assumed    TA (volunteers) in PUT (place)  I’VE (I have)

5  WRITER     “righter”

9 PARTING    refers to hair parting which is impossible for one ‘totally distressed’ ie bald, I think

10 LIQUIDS  L (pound) and quid (pound) in IS

11 RUING    U (university) in RING (gang)

12 TACTICIAN      tact  and CIA  in IN (at home)

13 CONSTERNATION    CON (trick)  ST (one deemed very good ie saint)  ER  NATION

16 DISPARAGEMENT   D (daughter)  IS  PA (father) RAGE (anger) MEANT = intended less (ie “pouring out”) A

19 ANNUITIES   (insinuate)*

20 FOSSE    SS in FOE

21 UNIFORM     NI  FOR  in UM

22 CHARLIE      Code word for the third letter of the alphabet, c

23 ARROYO    US word for a canyon, gully    A  RR   and YO(u)  containing O

24 CLARINET    claret around in


1 PIPE RACK     churchwarden is a type of pipe

2 TERTIAN    (I natter)*    new word to me that I guessed from the wordplay, verifying after

3 THING    definition:   object     THIN  G(irl)

4 VEGETARIANISM   (are saving time)*

6 REQUISITE    is in requite

7 TUITION    intuition less in

8 RISING    sin in rig (engineer)

10 LACKADAISICAL    lack  a  dais I cal(l) (term almost)

14 TESTIMONY    (T)(imon) (of Athens)  in testy

15 STEEPEST   Stee(d)  pest

16 DINGIER   GI in diner

17 EPSILON   no lisp  E   (standing up ie reversed in the down answer)

18 LAC(e)  UNA

20 FLAIR   F  (Tony) Blair less B (second-rate)



7 Responses to “Independent 7729 by Quixote”

  1. Cumbrian says:

    Thanks to Quixote for an enjoyable puzzle, and to nmsindy for the blog – even if I did find your 12 minute solving time to be depressingly impressive compared to my own effort!

    I had to check TERTIAN, and also ARROYO – dimly recalled from Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy. I failed to parse PARTING, so the explanation is welcome, and elevates it to my favourite.

  2. NealH says:

    I was also quite a bit slower than 15 minutes, but managed it in well under an hour. I think a lot would hinge on how quickly you got 1 down – I needed quite a few crossing letters before I dimly remembered that there were lots of funnily named pipes.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Yes, a lot longer than 12 minutes here too; but I’m never in a hurry with the crossword of a morning, and this was a pleasing interlude over breakfast. I never did Quixote’s IoS puzzles, but his Monday offerings do seem to be on the accessible side – all clearly clued without too many unusual words (TETRIAN was the only one I had to check today).

    I liked DISPARAGEMENT, and FLAIR for referring to Mr Blair as from ‘yesteryear’ – it’s not that long ago!

    Thanks to setter and blogger.

  4. ele says:

    Good start to the week. Took me around half an hour which is v. good in my book. Got temporarily stuck on 13ac by putting PIPE REST (are there such things?) in for PIPE RACK on 1down as my first answer but otherwise liked 17d and 10d. Thanks nmsindy and Quixote.

  5. flashling says:

    I certainly wasn’t on Don’s wavelength today, took ages to get going on this and failed on Arroyo. Thanks for the blog NMS to help confirm my parsing of a few clues.

  6. Lenny says:

    Arroyo was the only word new to me. It’s an unlikely-looking word but, for once, the wordplay was very clear (sorry Flashling). I only knew Tertian from doing Henry V at O-level. Mistress Quickly describes Falstaff’s death from a quotidian tertian. At the time, I was taught that the phrase was a nonsensical oxymoron but a quick Google today suggests that it might have been a reasonable diagnosis in Shakespeare’s time.

  7. Paul B says:

    Tis when the agues are commixed.

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