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Enigmatic Variations No. 976 Wind by Kcit

Posted by Gaufrid on 30th July 2011


I haven’t looked at an EV for the best part of four months but when the scheduled blogger wrote to me to say that he had been unable to solve this one I couldn’t resist the challenge. It took me about six hours in two sessions but I got there in the end.

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Indy 7728 Klingsor (Sat 23-Jul-2011)

Posted by beermagnet on 30th July 2011



I started off at a canter with this one from the bottom right, but slowed to a stop after 30 mins with just over half in place.
A re-start saw 1A fall providing useful first letters for other missing lights.  Then the struggle to fill in and understand those final 4 or 5. In fact I didn’t understand many of them until preparing this blog though the answers are pretty solid from the definitions.
So there are some loose ends to polish off below.

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Guardian Prize 25,382 / Paul

Posted by Eileen on 30th July 2011


I thought this was rather on the easy side for a Paul crossword, especially a prize one. The number of double definitions [eight!] was more typical of a Rufus puzzle but there were also some characteristically Paul clues, with clever surfaces, that raised a smile or two.

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