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Beelzebub 1118

Posted by Jed on July 31st, 2011


Pretty straightforward this week. Some very clever surface readings eg 28 and 31 across.



1  Fools rolled back ceiling formerly blocking the light  STARPROOF  PRATS< ROOF

11 Old colleague mostly satisfied about one company backed  SOCIATE  (I CO)<  in SATE{d}

12 Crustacean only thing on island, nothing less  MARON  MARO{o}N

13 Lots careered wildly – needing these?  DECELERATORS  (LOTS CAREERED)*

14 Bishop faces commissions  BREVETS  B + REVETS

15 Look for a Joker, when holding Ace  AWAIT  A in A WIT

17 A bit about note in description of music?  TRANCE  N in TRACE

18 Disgusting old bird returned, consuming gallons in this way  UGSOME  (G SO) in EMU<

22 Circular face around second clock initially  DISCAL  (S C{lock}) in DIAL

24 Languages are hard in most of European city  PAHARI  (A I) in PARI{s}

26 French heroine without initial gynaecological feature  OVARY  {b}OVARY

27 Like palace room, crowded? Good to get away  THRONED  THRON{g}ED

28 If good, such working should make pigeons terrific  PERISTERONIC  (PI{g}EONS TERR{if}IC)* (def: pigeon-fancying)

29 A guy primarily enthralled by non-Christian god?  PAGAN  (A G{uy}) in PAN

30 Certainly recalled delays formerly in parts of Turkey  EYALETS  AYE<  LETS

31 Textile process in dated dresses you will follow  TIE-AND-DYE  (IN DATED)* YE


2 Tax Officer upset greedy beggar  TOE-RAG  TO GARE<

3  Fee for using computer account and Google’s foremost searches possibly  ACCESS CHARGE  ACC (G SEARCHES)*

4  Old word for ‘plunder’ that is seen in Bible (English)  RIEVE  IE in RV E

5  Less tanned before month in Mediterranean city  PALERMO  PALER MO

6  Magnetic units completed other’s functions once  OERSTEDS  OER STEDS

7  Obesity was identified in extreme pronouncements  FATWAS  FAT WAS

8  Considered reminder about article misled  PRO-AND-CONNED  AN in PROD CONNED

9  Skull I initially crafted into bowl  YORICK  (I C) in YORK   (alas poor Yorick)

10 Disarmed, without commander, holding most of hill  UNSTEELED  STEE{p} in UNLED

14 One possibly prominent in field unhappy regarding modern music  BLUE POPPY  BLUE POPPY

16 One who receives dismissal discarding note in enclosure  REMITTEE

19 Rare rocks seized in crime linked to mountains  SIERRAN  (RARE)* in SIN

20 Openings for anguish and tragedy following hollow warning  CAVEAT  A T after CAVE

21 La-laughing having dropped new rope  LARIAT  LA RIA{n}T

23 Originating in oneself, a version of it, yes?  ASEITY  A + (IT YES)*

25 Wind rope round trees, securing line  WOOLD  L in WOOD

( )* = anagram    < = reverse    { } = omit     

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